Barack Obama’s Coming Martial Law

October 23rd, 2014

Produced, written, and modified by Kris Zane. Narrated by Tom Hinchey.

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  1. Richard Pouncy says:

    For all you folks that made excuses for Obama being the first BLACK
    president, well here is your reward.?

  2. Mr. MovieDude says:

    It’s illegal for the U.S. military to take up arms against it’s own
    citizens. I know laws don’t matter to this president but it won’t be our
    military. It will be a privately funded military force with Russian and
    Chinese troops. The men and women of our military will not open fire on the
    people they are sworn to protect. I still have many friends in the military
    and there are few people in the military who actually like and support
    Obama. He has been screwing the military over hard. When the time comes,
    they will be fighting with us and for us. So take comfort in that. Any of
    you ever notice how this type of stuff takes place in very liberal areas.
    Probably a reason for that.?

  3. Western Journalism says:
  4. Miss Lourdes™ says:

    Barack Obama’s Coming Martial Law?

  5. Dkzdrood says:

    To the narrator: Sure, let’s get rid of the homeland security forces. How
    will domestic terrorism be dealt with? Oh yeah, a cop armed with a lousy
    handgun and an old Ford will take care of it. You’re delusional. That’s why
    Barack Obama is the President, and you’re not.?

  6. D Bunny says:

    Barack Obama’s Coming Martial Law?

  7. Brad Ferrari says:

    America, we need to start the impeaching process. This president has broken
    so many laws and he does not abide by the constitution.?

  8. Will Hawkins says:

    Barack Obama’s Coming Martial Law?

  9. Brian says:

    Hitler would not put up with this crap.. To stop the hate you must

  10. PatriotWatchUSA says:

    For real?

  11. dannyinaus says:

    America – you can no longer rely on your corrupt and incompetent Senators
    to help you. You must take action yourself. Stand by your Constitution –
    it gives you the tools you need to stop tyranny. Stop waiting for someone
    else to bail you out. The Lord helps those that help themselves.?

  12. Christiaan Baron says:

    obama is like some african dictator. look what africans did to colonial

  13. rap attacker says:

    It’s about time you fckng Americans DO SOMETHING that lunatic yous have in
    that white house is gonna start ww3. STAND UP FOR YOURSELVES AND STOP

  14. ingveon ic says:

    Obama is a sock puppet. Bush was a sock puppet. Clinton was a sock puppet.
    All presidents back til JFK were sock puppets and any before JFK who
    weren’t assassinated were sock puppets. It’s a ZOG world. The FEMA camps
    are there for a reason. The camps can’t hold all of us so, there will be
    blood on the streets … lots of it.
    FYI, nothing they have rolling on the ground is impervious to fire. If
    civilians can take out goons escaping from a vehicle on fire, they can put
    out the fire and the vehicle becomes the property of said civilians. This
    is the way of war; Nathan Bedford Forrest and his troops confiscated much
    in this manner during the War of Northern Aggression.
    But, unless those who would rise up have military trained pilots, weapons
    specialists, etc., etc., in their ranks, the US military is the most
    well-equipped military on earth and they can still bomb the hell out of us
    if we don’t get them first. ?

  15. UseTheNewRules AndTerms says:

    So that’s why the generals were fired.?

  16. artbiz says:

    This is impossible we are living in the best country in the world. People
    are educated and born free the government is for the people we have the
    most honest Republican Democrat Senators and Congressmen They are watching
    like hawk Our president is a good man He wants to prove that he is capable
    of being the best president we have ever had Thank to OPRA $50,Billoin
    lady for her effective support for him. If Opra says he is good I would not
    have no doubt. I voted for him and truly I believe He should be the King
    not the president. just loo at our IRS and Federal Reserve to treat people
    like no one has ever seen. In our Borders we spend Over $18 Bill to build a
    wall but why? who need wall or a border petrols when so many Harry
    Callahans are waiting and telling to Illegal aliens
    “Go Ahead Make My Day.”
    He stood up for right of people every where to stop destruction in Gaza,
    Syria, Libya He destroyed ISIS with one attack got so mad for the killing
    of the freelance reporter in Syria. we are the most popular country in the
    world while all other are so isolated. We are now and energy Exporter with
    respect to the environment we found oil that we never thought we had by
    Fracking without damaging to the wild life and Human.
    president is directly and constantly working with Vladimir Putin to solve
    the unrest in Kiev. He works with chines Leader to solve the North and
    South Korea. Above all look at our Economy wall Street and job market and
    what about the housing foreclosure? Just look at our education we
    have trained student to be the best shot and practice hands on in the
    Scholl The are the best video players that the world has ever seen, we have
    also provided the best Sex education in our school system too. we teach
    them how to get the best BJ that no one has ever done in the past. We are
    now so improved that marriage are for man to another man, women 4 women Sex
    is exciting too MW 4MW ETC, and Every thing is so wonderful now. Lets
    stop Bitching and be happy that we are in the best country in the world. ?

  17. TREY702 says:

    I’m not afraid of the government I only fear god no one else. And I’m not
    afraid of death.?

  18. MrLen56 says:

    outrageous who the hell does he think he is does he really believe the
    American Citizens of this country will stand for his behavior the veterans
    of this country need to take back America Hooya ?

  19. Roxine Cherie' Evans says:

    Remember Folks, if you embed this video, here is the correct link to put
    onto your blog/website, etc. https:// DON’T FORGET TO PUT THE S IN THERE,
    YT FORGOT. hmm?

  20. Mike Balboni says:

    Great video, the future seems so bleak, I love my country, fought for my
    country, kills me everyday to see this Muslim terrorist destroy it?

  21. illuminatisos says:

    I smell a rat!…?

  22. dieillumintiscum says:

    Democratic party and Republican party; All funded by the same bank:
    Goldmann Sacs. Where’s the third party? Why isn’t there a third party? The
    one that stands up to tyranny, the police state, gun control, new wars
    overseas, bad healthcare, unemployment, big banks, big pharma..

    They made it so that you can only pick one of two evils..?

  23. The Anonymous Patriot says:

    *TWO WORDS* President Biden
    That is WHAT WILL happen if you remove Obama and not the rest of those
    So where the hell were all of you in May when Operation American Spring
    went down
    Then the Liberal Hate Machine killed it.
    Where were you??

  24. Jesus Christ is Muslim says:

    A bunch of paedophile usurers and moneychangers subverted America into a
    police state to safeguard the interests of 0.0000001% of the population. ?

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