BaseChase 5 – Rhythm 98.3 – Chief Raymond Hernandez – Majestic Sounds DJ’s Ft. Dimples T. (1987)

January 5th, 2012

BaseChase 5 – Rhythm 98.3 – Chief Raymond Hernandez – Majestic Sounds DJ’s Ft. Dimples T. (1987)
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RadioActive Nepal 98.3 is a new community radio station in Kathmandu, built by RadioActive. Filmed and produced by Jasleen Kaur Sethi.
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  1. serotekceo says:

    Hey Raymond we? jammed it hard baby!

  2. TheTonyD420 says:

    People have NO idea what it was like for us growing up listing to mix after mix Leisure City 1985-1989 Leisure City Sharks and CDM Wildcats? Red and Gold lol shit my old address.. 14822 SW 297 terr

  3. mike305mike says:

    @TKE31 School Breakout by Double Duce I believe u can find it on? YouTube

  4. mike305mike says:

    HELL YEA I remember the Good Old Days of Rhythm98 I know exactly where the station was in Cutler Ridge just up the hwy from Leisure City I used to see that van riding? up and down US-1 and the Turnpike many times it was the Majestic Sound Djs van it had a lowered suspension and a boomin system Rhythm 98 was killin the airwaves back in them days they had a mix of Beastie Boys “Paul Revere” that no other stations could touch it was HOT… Thank You Rhythm 98 for making my life what it is today…

  5. Mrmfkadamysticalone says:

    Holy shit this was one of the best basechases of the series.Thank? you times a billion for the awesome post as no one else has these.Hope to see all 5 on here soon.Wow South Florida’s finest & one of the best stations ever.

  6. barbarad72 says:

    The best DJ!! Chief? Raymond Hernandez! What memorable days!

  7. TKE31 says:

    Rhythm 98 once played a mix that included a song I believe was called “Breakout” Lyrics from the first verse are something like “As I walked into the place / all eyes were glued on me? / as I approached the mic / to start to MC / Oh ladies by the way, / I rock house / bring life to the party / like no one else…” If anyone knows, please share the info. Thanks.

  8. pumasantaclarab441y2 says:


  9. sandinovive1000 says:

    Amazing station, by far one of the best stations ever? in south florida.

  10. rdecaserio says:

    Tony the Tiger (Ira Wolf),? the Groovin’ Cuban Jimmy Rodriguez, Jammin’ Joe, Funk E. Frank Walsh, Raymond Hernandez, and Mikey C.

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