Battle for the California Desert: how come the Government Driving Folks off Their Land?

October 4th, 2014

The Antelope Valley is a vast patch of wilderness regarding outskirts of l . a . County, and a portion of couple of tough individualists whom live available incre…
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The State Government is presumably wasting the funds for elderly people provided by Central government.
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  1. Koldkut09 says:

    It’s ok for progressives to do this. They know better than you. Driving you
    off your land is for your own good.?

  2. StarSeed says:

    When your government violates the Constitution it is time for revolution…?

  3. skepticRN says:

    During law school I worked for the LA City Attorney on one of these
    Nuisance Abatement Teams. They are evil. They basically find politically
    unpopular people and harass them. The people who are targeted do not get
    any of the rights accorded to criminals because the violations are called
    “civil.” But the civil violation fines can cost thousands of dollars per
    day and if you resist they simply increase the fines by the day. They only
    target people who are unpopular. It is truly disgraceful.?

  4. Isaac Osorio says:

    I used to live in the Antelope Valley. There are a lot of people that live
    away from all buzz and like to mind their own business. Do no harm to
    anyone. The AV is growing and someone wants their land because they have
    privileged information. ?

  5. Roger Sayers says:

    What this country truly needs is Civil War…. It’s about time that all the
    people that are being fucked over get together and raise hell. I will say
    that it pisses me off to see the poor people being picked on, and shoved
    around. United States a free country ? LMAO…….. That’s a crock of
    BULL~SHIT I’m glad I left california. I’ll NEVER move back there. When I
    go back to visit family, I’ll buy what I need form stores in Az. I won’t
    buy a damn thing form california. The only thing I’ll have to buy is the
    fuel I’ll need to get out of the state… Damn shame, I hate to admit that
    I was born in Mojave california, and grew up n the Antelope Valley……
    Wish I could get my family to leave california…. ?

  6. Slaying Mantis says:

    It’s called Agenda 21. Look that shit up.?

  7. AnonymousK says:

    All the fuckin militias need to get off their asses and mobilize when shit
    like this goes down. This Mike Antonovich guy is obviously corrupt. Along
    with anyone else that pulls shit like this. He’s probably getting paid by
    private interests to do this so those private interests whoever they may be
    can build strip malls and condos to fill their pockets. If I had the
    resources I’d get together a resistance, go over to where those ppl live,
    and the next “Nuisance Abatement Team” that comes to harass those poor
    people will get ambushed and filled with lead.?

  8. Trace Wikes says:

    Wanted to move this comment to the top because of its relevance.

    skepticRN1 week ago:

    “During law school I worked for the LA City Attorney on one of these
    Nuisance Abatement Teams. They are evil. They basically find politically
    unpopular people and harass them. The people who are targeted do not get
    any of the rights accorded to criminals because the violations are called
    “civil.” But the civil violation fines can cost thousands of dollars per
    day and if you resist they simply increase the fines by the day. They only
    target people who are unpopular. It is truly disgraceful.”?

  9. Not8upwthit says:

    Big Government knows best. I mean who are you as an individual to decide
    where and how you wish to live. When they finish destroying our dollar as
    the global reserve currency, we’ll all be living in 800sq ‘ apartments
    without A/C anyway. While mothers in Asia tell their children to clear
    their plates because after all some poor American kid would love to have
    that food…?

  10. gargole661 says:

    The first part of the story does not take place in the desert . He was in
    violation of building that big thing it happen in the area below Antelope
    Valley, I believe it was santa clarita valley. Also The AV is a booming
    with lots of development. I explore the desert and have never seen the USAF
    borders move. The only ones they moved in the past and the land was vacant,
    is the one from boeing they moved the take off line. Also the abatement
    team is cleaning up the valley. bad apples in the desert cook meth labs. It
    is a beautiful place and its sad that the Valley is being portrayed in a
    bad way. The guy in the kill bill church did alot of illegal building. In
    los angeles you need permits to build anything. Also Mobile Homes are not
    allowed with out the right foundations and earthquake braces. The area is
    called Llano at one time there was alot of abandonment. But it is trying to
    rebuild. Yes the reason is right I had some problems with them but It was
    no conspiracy just a evil mormon family living next door. This Story is
    false and has no basis. Who am I? A resident of the Antelope Vallley for
    many years I have also explored and am an avid relic collector. Also have
    tons of experience including but not limited to what happens behind the
    gates. ?

  11. rose smith says:

    so they want to harass you till you give up and leave selling your land
    really cheap. or they can use emient domain to sell the land later on to
    developers (possibly businesses these council members own or have shares)
    so look out this is only going to get worse?

  12. Roy Graves says:

    Welcome to Agenda 21, the UN’s Sustainable development agenda for the 21st
    century, if you live here you won’t, if you own property, you wont!! You
    will be forced into smart growth zones and 50% of the USA will be returned
    to nature, mother earths surface is not to be scratched. It s being
    implemented at the local level in every country that is a member nation of
    the UN, through Treaties and their charters. That is how they get around
    the country’s constitutions.?

  13. Jon Heckendorf says:

    Does anyone remember Chavez Ravine? It will take a lot of research to get
    to the truth. Most current information about Chavez Ravine are lies. The
    truth. Several public officials wanted to steal the land located in a prime
    location of Los Angeles. They used their positions within the California
    government to have the government to condemn this very valuable property
    and forcibly remove the lawful owners of the property. Little to no money
    was paid for this property. I say little because I did not research it
    further. It is now called Dodger Stadium. California at its best, folks.
    All California government is corrupts and operates as a criminal
    organization. All California police are to strong arm the public into
    compliance at all cost even if they have to kill. The judges and the
    judicial system is just as corrupt and is a criminal organization which
    supports the government against the people of California. Ask Northern
    Californians about water and who owns it. How funny when you find out.
    Hell, I could write many books about California and its criminal ways. Give
    California back to Mexico. Couldn’t happen to a better bunch of slaves and

  14. mrgard23 says:

    This is a clear violation of the constitution. How can they force him to
    connect to the city when it clearly violate the sanctity of his religion.
    Government has more and more become a thorn. And when people wake up
    they’re deprived of everything like these men. They have a recourse though
    get a civil liberties lawyer and challenge the constitutionality of having
    to do business with the government. Now they try to make everyone do
    business with insurance companies that inevitably deprive people of their
    money for profits. No company will insure someone like that person will
    insure themselves. ?

  15. Warrior4god13 says:

    Welcome to Agenda 21 people ,the same thing was happening in Bunkerville
    Nevada,But Patriot Militia and citizens told The Satanic U,S, Government to
    come and Take it ,The Pussy ASS Satanic Government put their Tail between
    Their Legs ,Crapped in Their Pants and They Left ,it won’t be Fixed by
    Voting ,NO POLITICIANS ARE ON OUR SIDE NONE ,it will Take a Good Smack to
    The Mouth of This BULLSHIT GOVERNMENT for Things to change ,Get Ready it’s

  16. Jonathan Daniels says:

    This is wrong. Time to stick it to a government that doesn’t listen.?

  17. Exocartonic says:

    If theses people want to keep thier land all they have to do is build a
    Mosque on it and the politically correct bullshit will keep the L.A. county
    bureaucrats from doing anything they’ll be paralyzed by the fear of being
    called Islamophobic.?

  18. Mark Cleveland says:

    A disgusting misuse of government authority. What a travesty that this is

  19. Jeaux Bleaux says:

    this is not right.?

  20. InteloPL says:

    What happens here is quite easy to explain.
    They don’t want you in your country. They want you to live in a cage they
    made you (so called: the CITY) without being able to get out of it. Giving
    you new toys and stuff. Making you easier to control.
    And of course if there’s no one around – they can do outside the cities
    whatever they want. Destroy the land, pollute it, keep feeding you with
    virtual money. And in the end – you’re left with nothing.
    In the beginning of USA history people wanted to get rid of oppressive
    Brits. What now happened – USA’s government’s taken Brits place. And they
    ain’t any better. They’re in fact – even worse…?

  21. Adam Barnett says:

    Some of our elected officials are completely out of touch with reality.
    They should be helping people simplify their lives, boost the local
    economy and encourage education. Stay the hell off of peoples properties.

  22. Matthew Gould says:

    Battle for the California Desert: Why is the Gove…:
    Government SHIT BAGS in California are trying to force people off their
    land? a must watch?

  23. Jerry Collins says:

    Ever hear of pungy stakes, booby traps, dead falls, land mines, and
    ammonium nitrate??

  24. Philip Evans says:

    It is sad to think that America has an armed insurrection in its future.
    Nobody wants to talk about it, but it certainly appears likely, no??

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