Bill Hicks on Government

December 28th, 2011 http Rare Bill Hicks Clip A late-eighties Bill Hicks clip from some “video magazine” I’ve long since forgotten the name of (also on this tape was Butthole Surfers great “Texas Barbecue” video). The names have changed but the point remains: we are being fucked! Thank you petertvkill http
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  1. mmx13 says:

    Wake up to? the Tyranny

    news infowarrior76(dot]com

  2. noordinarylife7 says:

    he could easily be talking about pretty much any president or? prime minister LOL yep hes fucking us

  3. TheCosmicGypsies says:

    @stylusdef? we’re all still being fucked

  4. bubafoo says:


  5. Rcrby525 says:

    Words true to? this day

  6. Kelros1428697 says:

    I’m not even American and I think this guy is so right?

  7. Phillie103 says:

    well…. I mean i dont like republicans, being a democrat myself, bu i still think? this guy may be a little too radical…

  8. andyhendricks11 says:

    oh, hey alex jones-nice vid!?

  9. K1DNEYTH1EVE says:

    fucking legend your thoughts r constantly in my consience ill never watch the news the same way? again thanks bill.

  10. nicelydestroyed says:

    Thank you, Bill Hicks!
    The? voice of reason.
    You are truly missed.

  11. x1600meterman says:

    fuck the? goverment world wide on every level!!

  12. arus1958 says:

    @Merkaba4203 like any other president would have been better. the same things would happen if we had Mccain minus an abortion/gay marriage? issue.

  13. TheConciseStatement says:

    This shows how engaging a presenter he is directly to camera as well. They should’ve given him that TV programme. Hey, maybe having a slot to? vent his frustrations would’ve curbed the smoking and kept him alive a little longer. America really squandered this one.

  14. jboyko3 says:

    I wouldn’t call Bill Hicks a comedian so much as I would call him a philosopher, a caliber of which has not been matched since his? death. His words on government, media, industry, and individual responsibility are just as relevant today as they were when he spoke them. If not more so. We need people like Bill who aren’t afraid to shake our world up, make us uncomfortable, and getting us pissed off at them for forcing us to take a realistic look at ourselves and our beliefs. RIP Mr. Hicks.

  15. NarwhalBacon89 says:

    @Merkaba4203 Yea because Obama? is the problem. (im being sarcastic) Blaming the puppet while the super rich and corporations get no blame is what allows our country to head down hill. We need to take the corporations down before we think of blaming their puppets.

  16. wizetrade00 says:

    Nice! Good? one my friend…really!

  17. warriorofwrestling says:

    At least I have something in common? with Bill, even though most other people I meet still fall into this “It’s our right to vote-it’s what seperates us from the Nazis!” bullshit. What the fuck. What. The. Fuck. Why not just vote on what colour skin you’ll have next year? You’ll affect the same amount of change. Silly bastards

  18. JG129 says:

    ughhhhh people? are still as dumb as they were 20 years ago and theres no reason for it. With the internet we have instant access to information but people still are lazy and want to ignore all the bullshit.

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