Boeing 777 Flight Test Crosswind Landing

February 11th, 2012

Boeing 777 flight test crosswind landings. Boeing test pilots performing maximum crosswind landing testing at Edwards AFB and Moses Lake, Washington.

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  1. BacHoChiMinh1 says:

    skilled pilot?

  2. TheOneTrueSpLiT says:

    I was part of the team that wrote the Fly-By-Wire? (FCC) for this great bird. I still shed a lil tear each titme I see this clip. There is no way the test pilots could not had performed these tests without all our 0s and 1s going bonkers on 3 separate systems.

  3. MeyerVW says:

    That was taken in Brazil.

  4. northernflights says:

    @TOPGUNONETIME There’s a reason why Cessna called the tricycle-gear system “Land-O-Matic,” and it has everything to do with the plane’s inherent tendency? to right itself and continue in a straight line. A tailwheel airplane has the opposite tendency: because the CG is behind the main wheels, it wants to ground loop. The theory is backed by my personal experience as an actual pilot who flies on a routine basis: right now I can see runway lights if I look out the window. What’s *your* story?


    @northernflights when you land a tricycle-gear airplane crabbed if the pilot dont do? anything the plane will side load and run right off the runway, it wont straighten out on its own

  6. PapaWhiskyZMA says:

    Don’t wanna be those guys on the ground… Awesome !!?

  7. levygonz says:

    @RonAir99 actually, it was in? Edards I was there seeing it. but I think you are talking of the 777-200ER, this is the 777-200. not sure

  8. RonAir99 says:

    I? believe that video was actually taken in Brazil at a Brazilian Air Force Base. Boeing was there with not only a 777 but a 747SP doing Xwind tests.

  9. lindertjan says:

    @Zorakic Actualy it is the wind it self that is? blowing to the wind that makes that the nose is pointing in to the wind.

  10. Napoleone747 says:

    This is the best crosswind landing? who I’ve seen! That pilot is very very skilled!

  11. KimmurielBaenre says:

    Niiice, pretty sweet how extreme some of the angles get, gotta love the? 777 😀

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