Bow Wow, You & 98 Friends ( Power 98.3 Nutz In The Morning Exclusive)

January 18th, 2012

Power 98.3’s Nutz in the Morning awarded one of Power 98.3’s VIT (Very Important Texter) Michael with a party for him and 98 Friends with special guest Bow Wow at the Sky Lounge

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  1. 12GingerGirl12 says:

    Im Michaels lil sis i waz there to and so was? my cuz and 90 other peps

  2. wetones22 says:

    that guy michael? is me

  3. whoisdhat says:

    PHX AZ STANd uhp
    iluv tha nutz? in tha morninq listenin every day

  4. xoxoJOHNxoxo says:


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