Bushehr Scare: Iran nuke monster ‘made in media’

November 7th, 2011

Iran is starting up its first nuclear power plant, built by Russia, in the southern city of Bushehr. Engineers from both countries have begun loading fuel into the reactor under the control of the UN’s atomic watchdog. Scott Horton, the host of Anti-War Radio, told RT that there is nothing to fear from the plant, except the rhetoric coming out of Washington.
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  1. eastariel says:

    Israel — with 200 NUKES in your bomb closet — you’re furious with the prospect that Iran has a nuclear power plant, which might give them the capability to enrich uranium at the level needed to build ONE nuclear bomb.
    Zionazis, why are you so PARANOID? Is it because President Ahmadinejad is one of the few leaders in the world with the courage to say NO to you ZIONAZIS who are committing genocide against the Palestinians? So you murderous egomaniacs sick the UN on him?

  2. 3apmosh says:

    did they just pull this guy off the streets?

  3. ElectricSexPants says:

    Israel can nuke these stone-age persians at the push of a button.

  4. 0salot says:

    if irans main export was crayons and not oil, this wouldn’t even be in the news

  5. EvyatarShalom says:

    stop the drugs man.. open your eye to the reality. On October 26, 2005, IRIB News, Ahmadinejad said: “Israel must be wiped off the map”.
    don’t be a fool.. does a normal person threats another country in public?? it’s insane, how blind can you be??

  6. ssbs2891 says:

    Did he just say ”When we attack on September 11th” at 2:03

  7. pepinozinanasshole says:

    I hate america, dont like the way they treat their country, dont like their foreign politics, but I wouldnt want to see them dead. the people are great

  8. IronManu77 says:

    An attack on Iran will be a direct attack on humanity by criminals running the Western countries. These countries are purely evil because they do not want to see the rest of the world making progress, because Western economy has a very strong pillar in the military industrial complex which relies heavily on the sale of weapons to third world countries. Divide and conquer is still in play. The real threats are USA, ISRAEL AND BRITAIN.

  9. turbofritz2 says:

    Support to Iran from a native German!!

  10. turbofritz2 says:

    Iran is a peacefull country with high tech. And with a sound money system.
    I’m ashamed of our western money system and our media.

    THe persian culture is a nice one that should stay strong and i’d even go as far as to say that i believe that IRAN should have the full support to defend itself against an war of aggression but i’d hope not it will come so far. An attack on Iran would be a disaster for both the west and Iran.

  11. mooninquirer says:

    Had John McCain been elected, there WOULD HAVE been a full scale war with Iran, including a full invasion and occupation, requiring a draft and food and gasoline rationing ( as in WW II )

  12. ahriman46 says:

    uhhh THANK YOU. atleast someone is made sense.

  13. RandomHuman1000 says:

    @ZionIDF Shit. It’s so embarrassing when you realize you’ve wasted your time responding to a 2nd grader.

  14. ZionIDF says:

    @RandomHuman1000 Sure, for peaceful purposes like the religion of peace. You guys are just so peaceful and loving. NOT

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