Chad Brownlee’s $5 Challenge on Country 92.9

April 30th, 2012

Country 92.9 FM, 630 AM CFCO midday host Mary Anne Ivison had a chance to talk to Canadian Country star Chad Brownlee about the Five Dollar Challenge. The Five Dollar Challenge started as just an idea. What if we could rally people to support a cause using only and a willingness to simply “pay it forward”. If each person who personally receives the challenge simply acts upon it, in 30 days we can raise an amazing amount of money for causes…starting with just . How does it work? 1) Match the 5 dollar bill you just received with your own 5$ bill. 2) Find 2 other people willing to take on the challenge within 24 hours. 3) Give each of them a dollar bill and a copy of this note to carry on the challenge We keep this up until December 1st, 2010. Whoever holds their bill on that day, will double it and send it to the charity of choice of whatever band you are taking the challenge with, again, within 24 hours. Check it out, and
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