March 26th, 2012 Follow this link to sign a form for a full investigation into OBAMA ! { The articles of impeachment are required with immediacy to secure the USA from further sabotage of the interest of all citizens as the violations have broken the articles of faith in which the oath of office are sworn to protect, invalidation of an elected official is a determinent post causal as having affirmed office, the immediacy therien to prohibit further election is removal from office for further trial. Confirmed Obama’s Birth Certificate Not Authentic 2012 ! Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said President Barack Obama’s birth certificate is not authentic. Arpaio revealed the findings of a investigation into the president’s birth certificate at a 1 hour and 20 minute news conference Thursday, calling the certificate “suspect.” Arpaio’s team of investigators said they found that the long-form birth certificate was created electronically and never existed in paper form. The president’s Selective Service card was also questioned. Arpaio’s investigators claimed the document has “failed every test we put it through.” At Thursday’s news conference, investigators said they will request a criminal investigation. They also said they have identified a person of interest in the forgery of the birth certificate. Arpaio said he is not accusing the president of the crime. He said they will investigate who is behind the “possible forgery and fraud.” “I

In boldly asserting the authority of international powers over and above the legislative branch, Panetta and Obama are openly declaring that they no longer represent the American people and instead are water carriers for a global dictatorship that has usurped the sovereignty of the United States.
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  1. andrewquigley18 says:

    al make a call to fbi and ask them if they know theres a terrorist fraudster inside the whithouse would they heck it out lol dumb ass cunts hes a? commy fuckin wake up

  2. andrewquigley18 says:

    if he was a drug dealer hed be jailed by now fuck him jail the elites you know? who they are

  3. votefraudnet says:

    We have known this for quite some time now. Dr. Orly Taitz spear headed an investigation that even uncovered Obama is using fake Social Security numbers. I am glad Sheriff Arpaio has taken a stand on this? issue. We have been attempting to get any sheriff to do this as he is the authority in any county with the power to do so.

  4. vangion says:

    OK all well and fine, now he has to take his evidence to the State Attorney and try to get an arrest warrant sworn out. That is how it is done in this country,bright boy. A sheriff is nothing more than the lead cop in his county, his has no powers outside? of that county Even if someone he has a warrant for is being held in another jurisdiction he has to ask pretty please can he come get him. If that top cop says no then that is the answer. They are sheriffs, not gods, bound by the Constitution

  5. vangion says:

    He only has jurisdiction over? those that elected him, idiot, He was elected Sheriff not king. Do you honestly think some sheriff from a single county in Az has the authority to go to another state and arrest someone? If you do you are a complete moron.

  6. vangion says:

    Show me where I made any comment about whether it is fake or not dipshit. And by the way who the fuck are you? I don’t need to be elected by anyone to know that he does not have the power to leave his jurisdiction and arrest someone who has not been? charged with any crime in his jurisdiction or in the presence of one of his officers. He can not swear out an arrest warrant on his own. Now, show us the statutes that gives him power that no other mere sheriff has

  7. thezenarcadian says:

    Hahahahahahahah…? bad shop is badly shopped. Hick racist bastard asshole cock-suckers.

  8. LSDchocolate says:

    Lol are you? fucking serious? some hicks came with the same conclusion like 8 months ago…

  9. palmapanfu says:

    Legalize? Weed

  10. DABIGRAGU1 says:

    Amazing isn’t it, the proof is right there in front of their faces and the clowns still have a problem with it. That’s a cult? baby!

  11. DABIGRAGU1 says:

    Good question, there used to be however Hawaii changed their laws recently. The hospital? Kapiolani has yet to make any statement confirming even with Obama that he was born there. They have gone so far as to take down the letter he wrote them of which they could have used for donation purposes. His mother was? never registered as a patient of the 2nd hospital he claims to have been born in. His first claim was Queens Medical Center.

  12. keonicountry says:

    Can a birth certificate be obtained through the State of? Hawaii or the Hospital? Surely there must be a way to document it without asking HIM to provide the document? Why isn’t it in the interest of USA to find out if our President is an illegal alien???

  13. Louise1563 says:

    Kick Obama out before we have no country? left.

  14. seeareess says:

    Oh, god. What a sad, sick country.?

  15. proevictory2012 says:

    OBAMA SUPPORTERS: IT’S FAKE! Arpaio and his team have decided that the standard of “probable cause’ – the standard at which criminal arrests can be legally made – has been well met by an analysis of the pathetic forgery everyone from top experts to thousands of common adobe users have seen; the prog commands were left in some of the layers – you can see part of how the document was assembled! Argue all day but it doesn’t matter. Arpaio? will arrest regardless of your words or public opinion.

  16. proevictory2012 says:

    FOR THE OBAMA DEFENDERS: I have a question for the Obama defenders saying this whole thing is BS: assume you won the argument here. How does that prevent Arpaio – who is duly elected and does not serve under or? answer to Obama in any way – from arresting the forger as Arpaio has said he will do? I’m curious how your minds work: suppose you win here. How does that change the actual reality and keep the forger out of jail? Answer it, or is all this bluster just so you can sleep at night?

  17. proevictory2012 says:

    IT’S FAKE. Newcomer’s analysis got Dan Rather fired from CBS news. Zebest has hardcover books on the shelves in every professional graphics house in the US. Poyssick helped DEVELOP photoshop for Adobe. EComp provides digital document analysis for court cases to the biggest companies in the world.? Renshaw had? the highest-selling app on itunes. They’re peerless. They all say it’s an obvious fake. So do thousands of others. To Obots: What are YOUR credentials? ALL THE TOP EXPERTS AGREE: FAKE

  18. proevictory2012 says:

    IT’S FAKE. Um, arpaio disagrees with you, and as cool as you clearly think you are, you do not have 30 years experience in the fed and 20 years experience being a duly elected sheriff of 4 million people. he says he does, he has cited the proper statutes, he has lawyers, he is? elected by 4 million people, you are a nobody. The forger will be found and arrested.

  19. 01Zeke10 says:

    Is it not Americas fault in the first place? America voted in a president without a birth certificate -.- if I got voted for king of antartica and THEN everyone was like “hey..? are you a citizen here?” i’d be all like “No one said a word about being a citizen!”

  20. MrRudyc says:

    What is it going to take before the brain dead American public wake up. This so-called President is destroying this nation. A highly arrogant, narcissist. I am 62 yrs old, a Navy vet, and retired police Officer. I firmly believe? the country cannot sustain another four years of this administration. Wake up America before we become a Banana Republic!

  21. steve yochim says:

    and maybe your kiss goodbye can be given soon as well….. ;-)?

  22. steve yochim says:

    only the stalkers will get off on it…. well, TMP might get a reacharound….. IF he’s polite!!!

    or would be? prefer ‘the ending’ of one of the victims in “SEVEN’?

    any way, he WILL get a kiss goodbye before his corpse is dumped in the swamp. stalkers are GOOD PEEPS ya know!!!

    and the gators will eat REALLY GOOD that night!!!!

  23. pullmeup28 says:

    Who gives a shit; congress is a? fucking joke and their ruining this country beyond repair

  24. Beastaphile says:

    Sarcastic analogy…… Reebok shoes cause cancer, Nike shoes prevent cancer. Analysis of evidence conducted at Nike? labs.

  25. anneslidell says:

    I don’t think they are saying it’s a lousy imitation. I think they are saying it’s? a very good imitation. Took some time to break it down; Too late now anyway.

  26. whitearab2 says:

    mccain has nothing to do with anything. its like that south park, it was between a giant douche and a turd sandwhich. one is a horrible president and would have been a? horrible president.


  28. TiagoBarbosaPT says:

    Oh and that is supposed to make it better? The men is disrespecting the constitution and he is your president and you are ready to reelect him, while Ron Paul is being ignored because he is talking sense into the american? people? What am i missing?

  29. SeekUFind says:

    Impeach Obama. Your actions are a violation of the War? Powers Act.

  30. concious2 says:

    @concious2 like abortion to keep people divided. How people can be against abortions and support wars that kill innocent babies, children, people is beyond my understanding. If you are screaming for Obama to be impeached are you screaming for Bush and Cheney to stand trial for war crimes? If not, then you are just playing with yourself and playing their game. Of course, your words could also be a plant to keep division among? the people. Americans need to shun both parties and vote in a third.

  31. concious2 says:

    @ModernZealot Your words are why they get away with this stuff. If he were Muslim, it has nothing to do with it.Rather than have democrats view this logically now they read your words and get defensive. When people understand that it doesn’t matter who’s elected they are just a puppet then people can unite and do something. when we get divided on things such as your statement, they win. Only guy that makes sense is Ron Paul and they will not let him be elected. then they? use hot button issues…

  32. fullmetal891 says:

    @TiagoBarbosaPT at least obama is discreit about shit,? Mccain wouldve just started bombin the shit out of the whole middle east and gone to war with half the world

  33. fullmetal891 says:

    @TiagoBarbosaPT Well the guy that got the wheel turning on this was Bush, so no, the people that voted for him are to blame. And actually votes dont? count in the USA. Bush lost the popular vote by over a million but still won….. not much we can do here, doesnt matter how many of us vote or who we vote for, what matters is who counts the votes. If Bush was neve president obama woul have never become president anyways. BTW it was either obama or Mccain, Mccain is 100x worse…………….

  34. ModernZealot says:

    @GalacticExplorer67 Don’t kid yourself. Obama is no President of the People. He? is a puppet of the NWO, and yes, if he is not the Antichrist, he is at least a forerunner. The last true President of the People who fought for the rights of the People was John F Kennedy. JFK was a martyr for the people.

  35. ModernZealot says:


  36. ModernZealot says:

    No Obama, the office of the President is Ceremonial. Our rights are ABSOLUTE. Screw you? Obama!

  37. svyblov says:


  38. Leonard Calasta says:

    @Michthemitch? lol

  39. Michthemitch says:

    OBAMA 2012 !!!!?

  40. GalacticExplorer67 says:

    @sirtom68 Obama has been reported to be last president. Anti Christ, 2012. Nuclear War, NWO! One world Govt. Bush said samething,they all do. Make $ ,oil/gold/bases. spend money. ?

  41. Sara3346 says:

    @GianTheMan91 You mad google? I bet? they are since I have to bypass thier systerm…..

  42. linktofreedom says:

    RON PAUL? 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. TiagoBarbosaPT says:

    To be honest, the people that voted for Obama are to blame for this, we all know that most politicians are puppets for a bigger picture, and that bigger picture is to attack countries in search for oil and? other resources.
    Thats the bigger picture for now, but if he is reelected, i dont know, but i dont even live in the USA, so i didnt need to care, but i really like the USA and the way that they were formed, the problem is the disrespect for the constitution. One man stands alone, Ron Paul.

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