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November 20th, 2011

Check out these Flight to Washington images:

Human Space Flight Plans Committee (200906170002HQ)
Flight to Washington
Image by nasa hq photo
Norman Augustine, chair of the Human Space Flight Review Committee, front
center, is joined by other members of the committee, clockwise from left,
Bohdan Bejmuk, Leroy Chiao, Dr. Wanda Austin, Philip McAlister, Dr. Edward
Crawley, Jeffrey Greason and Dr. Christopher Chyba prior to the start of the
first of several public meetings at different U.S. locations, Wednesday,
June 17, 2009, at the Carnegie Institution in Washington.

The panel will examine ongoing and planned NASA development activities and potential alternatives in order to present options for advancing a safe, innovative,
affordable and sustainable human space flight program following the space
shuttle’s retirement. The committee will present its results by August 2009.

Members of the committee that were not in attendance and are not pictured
are Dr. Charles Kennel, Retired Air Force Gen. Lester Lyles and former
astronaut Sally Ride. Photo Credit: (NASA/Paul E. Alers)

Missile, Air-Launched, Anti-Satellite (ASAT)
Flight to Washington
Image by cliff1066â„¢
The U.S. Air Force began developing this air-launched antisatellite missile (ASAT) to destroy enemy satellites after the USSR demonstrated its ability to attack satellites in space. At the tip of this two-stage missile was a Miniature Homing Vehicle (MHV). Once it separated from the missile, the MHV homed in and destroyed a satellite by direct collision, rather than by detonation of a warhead – a concept known as "hit-to-kill." The ASAT’s maximum intercept altitude was at least 560 kilometers (350 miles). Five ASATs were flight tested, with the one launched from an F-15 fighter in September 1985 successfully intercepting and destroying an orbiting NASA satellite. The Air Force cancelled the ASAT program in the late 1980s. Boeing made this unflown ASAT and the U.S. Air Force transferred it to NASM in 1990.

Flight From Dulles To Dublin (5).JPG
Flight to Washington
Image by A.Currell

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