Denzel Washington Kills People & Inception!

November 14th, 2011

On today’s episode, we bust out Trailers for 21 Jump Street and Safe House. Plus another If You Haven’t Seen it You Should Effing Die! Trailers: 21 Jump Street: Safe House:
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  1. ChrisThomas120 says:

    if you like modern warfare crap you will video game j**z over BF3

  2. sunal135 says:

    I can see how Inception is a mind fuck if you don’t know a lot of physics; but come on the movie isn’t even 3 years old yet

  3. tntebano says:

    i really love your site i wish u could say something about the new marvel movie the amazing spiderman i just think i too soon to release a new one i`ll give it an eff that lol

  4. MatchLiteFilms says:

    You guys should play Skyrim!

  5. drewdane40 says:

    Did you say “my cocaine?”

  6. cjeam9199 says:

    @riknos3289 Awww. AWWW.

    Come ON!

  7. AnigmaEntertainment says:

    If only your taste in video games was as good as your taste in movies…

  8. SSDJFilms says:

    i haven;t seen it

  9. riknos3289 says:

    Just thought you might want to know: In Inception at 15min 59sec you can tell that he is holding an airsoft gun because of the hole for loading green gas on the bottom of the mag. I love finding flaws in major films. 🙂

  10. UnknownStudios1 says:

    i agree with josh

  11. crunkforchrist1 says:

    My name is (insert name here) and i have a problem. i have not seen Inception

  12. TonioleSuedois says:

    Inception was aight.

  13. o0laviathan0o says:

    sorry ryan, but, MW3….. its BF3 all the way, im afraid

  14. 93cian says:

    @FilmState also, STOP pronouncing “CILLIAN Murphy” as “SILLIAN Murphy”.

  15. 93cian says:

    @CONVICT700 no need, they’re both very average games. Also, Infinity Ward don’t even make it anymore, they got sacked after MW2 (which was also average at best).

    Ryan, maybe if you played more games, you’d know that they can be a hell of a lot better than Call of Duty.

  16. xBeatSx101 says:

    off Wale’s new album

  17. DKP510 says:

    Yup that first songs Wale.

  18. BoxingProtege says:

    is that wale?

  19. retartedgoose1 says:

    Awesome video but what were the songs

  20. 5aMoAnSt3R42 says:

    Fight on!!

  21. bbang1989 says:

    what was the second song?

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