Dinah Washington – Relax Max (Original Stereo)

March 17th, 2012

Recorded June 25, 1956 with orchestra arranged and conducted by Quincy Jones, Dinah was here at the peak of her vocal prowess. “Relax Max” received something of a musical revival when it was used recently in a commercial for a national hotel chain.
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  1. andytje94 says:


  2. weekesy says:

    I was staying at the double tree hotel in Miami and heard the commercial for the first time? 2009 thats what i meant, sorry’

  3. keepupwithmax says:

    @weekesy i don’t understand? šŸ˜€

  4. weekesy says:

    @weekesy lovely first heard it 2yrs? ago in Florida

  5. weekesy says:


  6. p14zm40nu says:

    …so this is? that one song in that one commercial! xD

  7. lovejoy9244u2 says:

    My? BFF works at a Doubletree and when they had this song as their On Hold music, I would call her and ask her to put me on hold just to hear this song!

  8. jhjnijlant says:

    even apeldoorn bellen….?

  9. andytje94 says:

    2 people dont know max…?

  10. tlamachkalli7 says:

    I don;t think is bad at all that they used this song for commercial purposes. I did not even know? who Dinah was until I saw the tv commercial. Now I am a fan, and I was not even born when she was at her peak. Magnificent voice !!!

  11. Steev82 says:

    Isn’t it bad that this song is being raped for commercial? purposes and we get bad commercial songs on the radio! It should be the other way around…

  12. mrlopez2681 says:

    this? is stereo?!?

  13. Artnyc01 says:

    Stay cool, fool
    Just take it easy
    That’s the rule, fool?

  14. keepupwithmax says:

    my naaaaame :]?

  15. PopeyeTheSailorman14 says:

    ahhh yeah. her voice is so perfect? for this

  16. LukeShetler says:

    fuck? yes

  17. LukeShetler says:

    fuck yes?

  18. picutapicuta says:


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