Dream of “The FALL Of A Great Nation” (strong content)

March 28th, 2012

Prophetic dreams and visions…. the Washington Monument….. a symbolic dream from the Lord ….where is the United States in Bible Proophecy….
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Please LIKE, FAVORITE AND SHARE!!! FEBRUARY 20th! 2012 event link www.facebook.com (Veteran) Corporal, UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS, 2ND MARINE DIVISION 2ND COMBAT ENGINEER BATTALION. Best Battalion Ever. Ron Paul is the choice of the troops and here are a few Reason why. The rally will be held on February 20th 2012 at noon. It will start at the Washington Monument. The march will begin at 2pm. In which the troops will march to the White House. I hope everyone that wants to come can attend!
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  1. WorldOfMarvelous says:

    Praises to YAH! Wow powerful message! I had a dream last week of a similar event! I saw the whole city of “minneapolis” (where i live and can? see from my window) tumbling over like dominoes while staying in tact!

  2. jesusastar says:

    The? Washington monument is an obelisk.

  3. godshealer7 says:

    @jamesraymondsmith We have? the spititual gift of prophecy, the bible teaches about it in 1 Corinthians 12. The prophecy says we are to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord, see Luke 4:19.The KJV study bible notes teach it is a total cancellation of spiritual debt and new beginning offered by Jesus. The bible provides even further info on the passage.You can look it up for yourself if needed.

  4. jamesraymondsmith says:

    let me get this straight, the lord? said “i am giving supernatural “spiritual debt cancelation”? in other words jesus has grace to forgive and restore your spirit? never heard that one before. as opposed to material debt cancellation? are you trying to say that the lord is speaking through you prophetically talking in lauguage that people who are consumed with material debt can understand? dont get that one.

  5. godshealer7 says:

    @RoyMcFaddin No? one has commented me about a problem uploading as of yet. I myself have had a prolem on some other channels posting comments yesterday. I’ll keep my ears open and thanks.

  6. RoyMcFaddin says:

    God Bless you, brother Dan and sister Barbara! Thank you for your God-inspired videos! I thought I’d bring to your attention that usually I can easily “post” your videos to my Facebook page, but for some reason this specific video will not allow me to that…………..was there something in particular that you are aware of that is preventing my “posting” this? one video? I’ve tried posting it several times, but no luck……..I’ve never had this problem before! Be Aware!

  7. godshealer7 says:

    @ISeeSignsAndWonders Thank you I’ll have Brother Dan check it? out…

  8. ISeeSignsAndWonders says:

    @godshealer7 Here we go… ? watch?v=AvO2K70I468

  9. ISeeSignsAndWonders says:

    @godshealer7 zippcast com is some new company which is much like the you tube of old. I don’t know if? you’ve seen the frightening videos of youtube/googles new policy which kicks in sometime early in march but basically they want all our details.
    Aside from that they’ll store your bank account details, if your phone is gps capable they will download your gps data, they will log all your calls (how long, who too etc). There is much more but I’m no expert. I’ll try and find a vid link for you.

  10. godshealer7 says:

    @ISeeSignsAndWonders What is Zippcast?? I never heard of it.

  11. GrayEagle48 says:

    Read more about the fall of Babylon use these keywords. fall of? babylon Darren Smith

  12. godshealer7 says:

    @ElijahJohn888 You are correct , the olelisk? is the Washington monument. I researched monuments and saw it’s picture. It is exactly what I saw in the dream. God Bless.

  13. calirican1 says:

    Matthew 3:10 The ax is already at the root of the trees, and every …

    … The ax already lies against the roots of the trees. So every tree that isn’t
    producing good fruit will? be cut down and thrown into the fire. …

    Luke 3:9 The ax is already at the root of the trees, and every …

    … The ax already lies against the roots of the trees. …

  14. ElijahJohn888 says:

    could the dream represent Washington D.C. which has within it a hugh obelisk ( which in pagan culture is a phallic/penis symbol) which is located in a park like? area. Could it mean the fall of Mr. B.O. Maybe it means the Destruction of that City ?

  15. WearTheWhiteRobe says:

    Here’s my understanding from this. The people represent a spiritual nation or city and the monument is the idol they worship (in science or religion). The spiritual death of those people crushed under the monument? comes from the humiliation of the pride people when all of their prideful understanding is revealed to be false.

  16. going4u2 says:

    I had a dream? years ago I was taken to a white room where scientist were combining the black widow with a wasp. I was then on an air plane and the air let loose millions of the waspwidow on a country and millions were stung by the waspwidow. I was then on the ground and one landed on me and I awoke with a loud scream and was sweating.

  17. Born4gain says:

    Thus Says The Lord God: Madness has come over the world and My wrath also, for I have removed My hand… Yea, the earth is forsaken for this short time, where I have turned to it My back, until the Day comes where I? shall move swiftly against it! Behold, My countenance is changed, and I shall surely turn back to it with My face set against it…

    The God of ISRAEL YHWH speaks to this Final generation!!!… Take heed!!!…

    TrumpetCallofGODonline . com

  18. Vocalist1969 says:

    The athesists are planning a monument? much like you described in England.

  19. jreily88 says:

    I definitely believe we should should start? listening to the veterans more and more. They are the ones out there risking their lives for us, not the politicians, and it seems that only Ron Paul, a veteran himself, understands that.

  20. dakfeld says:

    We? are in a domestic war to save the republic before Marxist Obama and his corporatist puppet masters destroy it. This will get violent because Obama and Soros won’t stop!

  21. keymaker2112 says:

    I watched a number of the videos and it was very powerful. I’m sorry that the mainstream media chose? not to show it.

  22. tjtomkins says:

    Great job!? Thanks for the service & for supporting Ron Paul

    No one but Ron Paul 2012

  23. AmericanPatriot2008 says:


    I hope all you active duty folks and vets will take notice that the mainstream media (ABC, NBC, CBS, etc), gave no coverage to this march whatsoever.

    And these are the same scum who tell the rest of us to support the troops?

    Turn off ABC, NBC, and CBS. Turn your backs on them, just like they turned their backs? on!

  24. ecotts says:

    @jwlaureanoim I’m 100% for Ron Paul but I tell you this, once? he wins and takes the white house I reckon its extremely likely that the former establishment will do everything possible to try and make him fail & I wouldn’t put it past the shit bags to carry out some kind of false flag operation to make Ron look like he’s made a major misjudgement by bringing the troops home.

    Also you can guarantee the owners of the fed will undoubtedly put out a hit on him, think executive order 11110..JFK!

  25. GovernMentalFreedom says:


  26. SouthernCross33 says:

    Good onya mate, it’s good to see the military upholding their oath, their pladege to protect the US from all enemies foreign and domestic. We know this war on terror is bs, it’s all lies to rip? off the American ppl and line the pockets of criminal scum. Good luck real Americans, the world is with you. BTW get Ron Paul over the line, for the sake of humanity

  27. jwlaureano says:

    If you like this please check out the? next video I made I would really really really love to speak at the rally!

  28. RonPaul2012Revolt says:

    Ron Paul is? the Choice of the troops Promo: watch?v=lPiXTGDQR08

  29. RonPaul2012Revolt says:


  30. RailRoadCar9 says:

    Thanks for Standing up? ,

  31. RobbyRichards says:

    Great job!

    Ron Paul 2012?

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