DUBSTEP DRUNKSTEP (9.17.11 – Day 870)

March 31st, 2012

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17 Responses

  1. ardneklolful says:

    The? Skrillex fans are on Acid
    Ghosts arent fucking real
    Self-levitation is impossible

  2. ctfxcriot says:

    The ghost I think was? a girl

  3. emilysonfireee says:

    Rusko-? hold on

  4. NHSkiers says:

    almost peed my self thanks charle for pointing out the ghost?

  5. mlan1957 says:


  6. ambersharpton says:

    Song at? 6:48? Anyone?

  7. njcorley says:

    5:50 I THINK is just a sped up? version of “Ruffneck Bass”, 6:24 is “Avicci (Levels)”, and 6:09 is “Still Gettin’ It”. All by Skrillex.

  8. makeupmandie07 says:

    i found something in the mirror in the bck it was a litte girl with dark face and it kinda reminded me of the grudge jut a tad bit. like thi post if u? saw it in he left mirror in that one room!!! Now i am scared to go back to that place.

  9. ZunyTheShoppingLover says:

    what? song is 5:50 ?? 6:24 and 6:09 please anybody

  10. alexafrances99 says:

    2:37. Just watch it and be overwhelmed? with happiness knowing how much has changed.

  11. VenicStorm says:

    lol fan boy how? i just said he is dubstep and now im a fan boy? maybe of skrillex yes, i? love his music but cmon.

  12. Dubhead669 says:

    -__- w.e. fan boy?

  13. VenicStorm says:

    tsk tsk? *snicker*

  14. Dubhead669 says:

    skrillex is glitch house derp?

  15. VenicStorm says:

    lol he is dubstep? derp

  16. annasasuke29 says:

    And I think it’s really weird on how right when the? Light went out the thing walked by!! :O

  17. annasasuke29 says:

    Holy Crap!! I saw the thing Jesse was talking about the thing that walked by!! It didn’t come back on the other side? OMGGGGGGG!!

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