ET Disclosure Press Conference – National Press Club – Washington, DC

January 19th, 2012

The 6th Annual X-Conference, held at the National Press Club, Washington, DC, USA, set the stage for Experts on ET Disclosure and Exopolitics to educate the US Congress, the Press and the Public about the Government imposed “Truth Embargo” and to bring about formal acknowledgment by the US Government of an Extraterrestrial presence engaging the Human Race – Full Disclosure. UFOTV is pleased to present LIVE video of the X-Conference event. Stay tuned as we continue to upload further videos taken at this event. We apologize for the commercials during this online presentation. As stated on our main channel page, the advertising revenue from this film helps to cover the heavy production costs of putting on this yearly event. DVDs from this historic ongoing event will be available shortly. Go to Keyword – “X-Conference”
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  1. hope4world3000 says:

    of course…. of all the time and space and matter in the universe? there must be aliens…..
    but UFO and mind reading technology was created by the nazis without any alien help!!!
    there is a criminal orgonization waging psychological warefare against the general population aiming to trick the world into believing? in demonic forces and spiritual aliens
    Billy Meier : sphath was a nazi who worped children

  2. Bajsbod says:

    @ureallidiots I feel the same way! But i think that america could make a big problem out of? it! What i mean is that america dont wait long to take to the weapons! They are more willing to shoot at the unknown than to greet them peacefully! I dont dislike america or their people butt they are a big problem for a disclosure! Sorry for my bad english, butt i hope you get what i try to say! Peace.

  3. heaven7valley says:

    This disclosure is vital, I hope it is broadcast worldwide.. Forget tabloid news, all new agencies should devote their efforts to uncovering/covering? this issue as opposed to senseless gossip news about celebrities.

  4. ureallidiots says:

    @itoldyousoisaid Please do it anyway!?

  5. itoldyousoisaid says:

    @ureallidiots? wouldnt hold my breath if i were you

  6. Freedomloveandtruth says:

    “UFO Disclosure A Global Deception Conspiracy ” On YOUTUBE is a

    compilation of evidence revealed by former military personnel,

    astronauts, politicians? & American presidents. This contains credible

    aired UFO news footage. The compilation contains knowledge of life

    beyond Earth + the current ongoing presence and initiated contact

    which has being hidden from the public for over 50 years + more.

  7. myleftnutts says:

    @marloflip that may very well be,or not however if i do get a visitor,it WON’T be from one from another galaxy or another dimension,they WILL be from a Government/Corporate Black-Op,BioTech Laboratory,with Bastardized,Corrupted,Overunity technolgy,that we are? being told doesn’t exist,but has existed in secret,for at least 150 yrs.oh and btw,little green men do exist,Especially when WE Build them ourselves.

  8. cr0uchingtiger says:

    Question for UFOTV, would you say this is the main source of this video because the small amount of views is rather sad. One would hope that? it’s getting more of a following than this?

  9. myleftnutts says:

    @marloflip I’ll? be waiting……patiently!!!.

  10. marloflip says:

    @myleftnutts Tidy the house and put the kettle on…you might? be getting a visitor!

  11. BarelyScientist says:

    Must keep up the pressure, spread thoses? videos around.

  12. doublehirn says:

    @geeksquad1001 you sound like? Cpt. Hindsight ^^

  13. geeksquad1001 says:

    @ureallidiots Hahahaha ME 2 cant wait! its very close 2012 we are all? going to say “you guys told me i was crazy but it looks like i was right the the whole time TOLD YOU SO!

  14. geeksquad1001 says:

    @ureallidiots Hahahaha ME 2 cant wait! its veru close 2012 we are all going to say? “you guys told me i was crazy but it looks like i was right the the whole time TOLD YOU SO!

  15. ureallidiots says:

    @myleftnutts ..then I was right all along and the next logical step is to realize that man are not the ultimate creation? and at top of anything. That seem to be difficult to see to most people.

  16. myleftnutts says:

    @ureallidiots I wanna ask u this,if u can say hah i told u so,Then What???…what is the next logical step???. what do we? do then???.

  17. tvmouro says:


  18. tvmouro says:


  19. ureallidiots says:

    @TrephineTheMalformed I´m talking about a REAL disclosure, not the NWO? scare version. How about you, the one-friend-anonymous- grey canneled- troll, realize that you´re not earning any respect by being a smartass what so ever?

  20. TrephineTheMalformed says:

    Because it’s obviously to see for those who have any interest in living an natural and genuine life, instead of spending a? fakelife with nothing to do but get rattled about tv commercials.

  21. TrephineTheMalformed says:


    And I think this is exactly the attitude we need to put down, if we want a successful “change after the contact”. We need to stand as one race and one consciousness, even if it means to respect such dazzled individuals… They’ll? get their “punishment” anyway, so don’t bother yourself with showing others, that you were right.

  22. danmanv3 says:


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