Executive Education And Its affect On Good governance

April 29th, 2012

Executive Education And Its affect On Good governance

Article by Aena Williams

Good governance is when the management of resources and affairs are done in a manner that it can be called transparent, open, answerable, fair and quick in responding to the needs and problems of common people.

Governance is a special kind of government, meant to have interactive type of relationship between media, private sector, civil society and government organs. The basic aim behind it is to identify shared solutions and plans to solve public problems. Good governance is now considered as a way to obtain desired results and outcomes. Good governance with the help of executive education helps to establish important structure which can help in the reduction of poverty and can result in the improvement of economic growth. Demand for good governance is rising day by day as it enables the common people or citizens of the country and organizations of civil society to hold the government of the state accountable and to make them responsive to the needs of common people. Good governance has a positive effect on the capability of the state and its institutions to make them more transparent and accountable when they handle sensitive issues of the state like national security. It also makes it possible for the government to become the chief participant in fulfilment of the demands of people.

It is frequently asked that why governments invest so much money and resources on executive education programs? The answer to this question is that such programs not only add value to the human resource but programs also enhances capacities and changes the attitudes of the individuals participate in such programs. Individuals who attend programs like executive education do their duty in a better way than before and offer better governance to people of the country. Executive education is most needed when the resources are limited and there is need of knowledge to get the set targets within the available resources.

Further need of good governance and executive education is more important when it comes to the survival and success in the ever fast changing world. In order to take advantage of globalization, countries should intelligently, efficiently and effectively handle the opportunities offered by globalization. In today’s world huge changes are taking place which require dedicated, skilled, well-organized and honest institutions who has the ability to respond, corresponding with the changing needs of time.In executive education programs effort is made to transfer set of skills, knowledge and attitude to the participants of the program which are important for the participants and their official position. In executive education programs the main focus is to prepare the participants hold higher managerial positions in future.

When it comes to executive education in many countries there is a problem of government’s ability to get maximum output of the executive education given to individuals in different organizations. At this time organizations give executive education training to middle management and higher level management who are hired through Central Superior Services examination or are inducted in the group afterward through some procedure or are selected through provincial government functionaries. In most of the countries there is no organized way for the training of the officers of other groups. Another point which is noted is that many government employees with technical background do not get opportunity of getting proper executive education training. Therefore many government officers do not go through any training in their career to improve their technical skills or common management skills.

The lack of organizations which provide such training is also a problem that is why government of countries should try to increase the number of such training organizations in turn to fulfill the prerequisites for the training of specialized and ex-cadre government employees. Each government should make a policy separately for each division and the divisional head should be made accountable to ensure that each government employee gets the appropriate training.

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