Fake Barack Obama Pranks Nyc!

April 26th, 2015

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13 Responses

  1. ModelPrankstersTV says:

    who should I get as the next Look-A Like??

  2. ModelPrankstersTV says:

    Let me be clear! to everyone who is saying “How is this a prank? Everyone
    knew about it?” Only 30-50 fake fans showed up and they turned into 1000’s
    of tourists who thought Obama was there! we pranked everyone!?

  3. Hunter Cole says:

    the obama guy is lucky he wasnt shot?

  4. Jake from State Farm says:

    Do one with Osama bin laden.?

  5. Jorfizle (TheCuber) 23 says:

    #1 look-a-like in the world huh… I wonder what AlphaCat has to say about

  6. CrazyStealthHero says:

    I find it funny that in America, when the leader walks around people chant
    for him but in Australia when the prime minister walks around, no one
    floods the streets for him, we just yell abuse at him if we see him walk

  7. Walter Slominski says:

    People who say Obama is an inspiration and a good president are delirious
    and have their heads up their asses. WAKE THE FUCK UP YOU IGNORANT PIECES
    OF SHIT. ?

  8. Supadupa Koopatroopa says:

    Look at all those chickens!!?

  9. lordy500 says:

    Americans are a real bunch of spastics aren’t they??

  10. – OdysseuS – says:

    Someone want to tell me what these video’s prove? How they help society in
    any way?

    What’s the song in the background? The one that ends at 1:05??

  11. j12torts says:

    I hate these pranks because these ppl haven’t heard of the story ” the boy
    who cried wolf” if an emergency actually happen it will cause disruption to
    emergency personnel

    This is what feeble mindedness do to you?

  12. Luke Slivinski says:

    Plot twist: it really was him and we just had a ton of makeup on.?

  13. xDIVINEMIND831x says:

    Look at all these sheeps worshiping a devil.. Wake up?

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