Fedex Flight 9750 departing to China with Tai-Shan

December 23rd, 2011

Fedex Flight 9750 departing to China with Tai-Shan on it’s way to China airport code ZUUU/CTU. Aircraft info: Fedex Boeing 777-FS2 (N850FD) VIDEO INFO: KIAD Dulles Int’l Airport on top of Daily Parking Garage 2 on Level 5. Video shot on Februrary 4, 2010

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  1. ezdoesit19722003 says:

    @seaboo143 We receive and send non-stop flights to and from? China from the Indy hub every night…fully loaded.

  2. seaboo143 says:

    @K3nnyize hahahaha!? typo! xD

  3. K3nnyize says:

    @seaboo143 Yeah i know? FEDEX is not An Passenger airline 😀 i forgot to put the F 😀

  4. seaboo143 says:

    @K3nnyize ? 777LR are passenger planes. this plane is actually a 777LRF or 777F for short

  5. K3nnyize says:

    @seaboo143 Remember this is? not a 777F is a 777LR(Long Rage)

  6. MultiLuke123 says:

    deve ter sido muito estranha? a senssação para os pandas..

  7. 4vinos says:

    The airplane carries 365 passengers up to 7,930 nautical? miles

  8. drewinatl says:

    @seaboo143 Go to Flightware and lookup the flight number: FDX9750. It flew KATL-KIAD-ZUUU, or Atlanta-Washington Dulles-Chengdu? Sichaun China

  9. jzair says:

    if the 777F is not fully loaded, then it can fly for a longer range?

  10. hugomo1114 says:

    Is it aircraft? only used for transporting Panda ??

  11. bluepanther1011 says:

    @MacandPc703 My? bad. 777-200LRF I have the Phoenix Model of this plane

  12. brolly1969 says:

    Naw fedex just recently got this aircraft almost a year ago. It was a? dedication to the panda’s.

  13. 400exNick says:

    Very? Cool!

  14. nascarfan154 says:

    isn’t that the plane yaya and lulu came in? (memphis pandas)?

  15. bigkevinpetrona says:

    @seaboo143 yeah like what? he said thats when its fully loaded thats how far it can travel

  16. Flyglobespan93 says:

    i was wondering why it? looked like a panda until i actually noticed it was LOL

  17. MacandPc703 says:

    @bluepanther1011 It’s? a modified Boeing 772 LR for Cargo use.

  18. bluepanther1011 says:

    Its not? a 777F Its a 777-200LR

  19. linkfox99 says:

    Nice paint of panda.?

  20. flyrickfly13 says:

    Actually FedEx’s 777s are LR models. The range of the LR is? about 8800 NM. So no problem making it from Dulles to Chengdu. They do Anchorage to Hong Kong which is about the same.

  21. EsotericDesi says:

    Loved theh? panda livery… Nice…

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