Fund War, Cut Social Security & Medicare – Senator

April 15th, 2012

Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT) is arguing that entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare need to be cut so that the US can continue spending massive amounts of money on ‘defense (aka wars in Iraq and Afghanistan). The Largest Online News Show in the World. Google+: Facebook: Twitter: Subscribe:
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  1. Dinah4life says:

    I don’t get why I, a person who? will not need socialist security when I get older is forced to pay into it. Even if I do use it I won’t get what I paid in back. Totally unfair that my money will be given to someone to who didn’t pay as much in as I did. Frankly I would rather see it spent on defense than handed out to some slacker. You should get back what you paid into it and if you run out before you die then too bad. This class war liberals are waging against hardworking people has to stop.

  2. potheed29 says:

    There are no cuts, it is just reductions in the projected increases that can be ignored later. They will still spend more money than they did the year before. BTW, the “cuts” are over? ten years.

  3. snaforfun says:

    sorry the burden is on your gevernment from the START. they didnt give any proof and they kept repeating in the media bin ladin di this bin laden did that , alqaida did this alqaida did that.. and in time people forgot that the start was fake.

    the falling of destroyed building doesnt happen like that … and no the three in same WAY… even science is against that. it doesnt need? an engineer to say that fall is controled demolition it is obvious.

  4. baigandine says:

    No, the burden is not on me to prove established fact but on you to prove crackpot theory. You are not an engineer. I don’t trust your sources at all. You probably got all your information from 9/11 Truther videos, the most biased source imaginable. While SOME engineers? have expressed skepticism, it is certainly not ALL engineers. Frankly, there is very little history of airplanes taking down buildings, so there was some uncertainty as to what would happen in such an event.

  5. snaforfun says:

    sorry. either give me evidence or I have the right to say 9-11 was inside job.

    you people? hide behind “conspiracy theory” GENERAL talking that u label EVERYTHING with it.

    your argument is VERY weak ! is ZERO

    3 buildings fallen in symetrical same way (controled demolition 100%) even the one that was not hit.

    no evidence given for bin laden connected to 911

    and after capturing hm alive killed him and dumbed the body in the sea so again no one would investigate

    just shut up

  6. baigandine says:

    You just see what you want to see. Conspiracy theoriests are devoted to their vision, resilient? to evidence that debunks it. You are the one letting your passions overcome a cool look at the evidence, since you are so biased to think the United States is the root of evil. Capitalizing your words does not address the debunkings that have been down of this evidence.

    ‘He’ is the hypothetical third person.

    Your bias also shows because you are so willing to trust the Taliban.

  7. snaforfun says:

    BIG no it was NOT act of war. coz they had NO evidence. had they had it? they would dilever it and then Taliban would comply. and WHATS HE ? Taliban is not HE is a nation

    actually they didnt have any evidence cos 9/11 is inside JOB. and they destroyed the 3 bulidings using controloed demolition to hide the evidence … that the planes were empty no passengers …any engineer who saw how the fell down the THREE OF THEM said thats demolition and is CLEAR.

  8. baigandine says:

    It was an act of war, not an act of crime. The warmonger is in not judge or jury. He is in no position to ask for evidence (disingenuously). It wasn’t an international body that asked for evidence, it? was the perpetrator.

    Of course there is evidence, but deluded conspiracy nuts who live in third world countries are free to believe their own fairy tales.

    Everyone in the UN knew the US acted in accordance with international law. This is not disputed.

  9. snaforfun says:

    first off look whos talking about faith? .. the liars who lied about Iraq and killed 2 millions there.

    second what court of law ? they were independant Nation and if u accuse some one in their nation you give evidence

    and third , yea we know USA are idiots and mad and crazy and criminals and dont follow Justice just barbarians. and it is not demands. it is justice . how many criminals hide in USA huh ? even Terrorists who did terrorism in south America ?

    be sure that u will fall.

  10. baigandine says:

    You are assuming the Taliban? asked for evidence in good faith. Also, the Taliban was not a court of law. And the USA was mad, and did not have patience at that time to meet the Taliban’s demands.

  11. baigandine says:

    People’s stories is anecdotal evidence. It’s good evidence of things that did happen, but bad? evidence that things didn’t happen (e.g. a school was burned down). And of course, people you talk to have their own biases, just as the media does. For example there are at least some Taliban supporters so they will probably say better things about the Taliban. As for your last claim, the mere fact that evidence was not provided does not establish it is bogus. You are assuming the Taliban,

  12. snaforfun says:

    there is no Arab media.. all worldwide media are one entity . what I am talking about is STREET knowledge.
    what I know about Afghanistan is not from Media , it is from living in Muslim country … and meeting Afghanis REAL ones not those who are put infront of the Cameras.
    you know HAJJ? Piligramgae ? 3 million people from all around the world meet in Mecca and talk.
    as for sheltering alqaida , is all rubbish , Taliban said? to USA bring evidence about bin Laden did 911.. US refused

  13. baigandine says:

    Abandon the idea that the Arab media is necessarily more reliable than the Western media. It is truly laughable. Those nations are primarily autocratic regimes. The West is liberal democracy, science and learning. OF COURSE it is going to tend to be more reliable. But since they never teach you how to argue properly? in the Arab world, you think you can just dismiss all arguments by saying “Western fake media.”

    The Taliban sheltering Al Qaeda was the only justification for invasion.

  14. snaforfun says:

    what Hamid Karazai ? I am talking about the story of taliban 10 years ago… they saved Afghanistan from the warlords.

    and who are you to judge Taliban ? you were never there .. u just read the media .. the WESTERN FAKE MEDIA ..

    they filmed to u a police hitting a woman mildly .. but did they continue and see if that police man was ounished for this ? big no they stopped there like devils.

    I can show you? films about cops beating teens girls brutally in USA too. invade USA ?

  15. baigandine says:

    OK you show me all those children Hamid Karzai is raping. You think the Taliban didn’t burn a school just because Mohammed valued knowledge. You ignore the fact that Islam isn’t practiced exactly the same way? everywhere. And you also ignore the possibility that the Taliban were not model Muslims. This suggests a very unrealistic world view.

  16. snaforfun says:

    LIES. there was never civli war. there was government and peace and you joined with the old war genererals that went evil after the USSR withdrawn the north allience which is 20% of Afghanistan.

    those warlords stolen the people , sold drugs , and raped women and children. the PEOPLE went to the religion school students (which means taliban) to help them , they gathered and? fought those bastards banned druggs and made a stable country.

    stop your filthy lies. we KNOW what happened

  17. baigandine says:

    “Us” versus “They”? lie ignores the reality that Afghanistan is divided, and we only helped along their civil war. The victors naturally support us. It’s the same as the French intervening in the American Revolution, for which we were grateful.

  18. snaforfun says:

    yea show your true face when? u are defeated. nothing between your kind and muslim but WAR. and we will win.

  19. Szekler11 says:

    next time i go to the toilet, i’ll draw Muhammad, your pedophile prophet, on my toilet paper and wipe my ass with his face.?

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