Government Counterfeiting and Economic Terrorism

April 17th, 2012

Financial guru and Austrian economics sage Peter Schiff discusses how the federal government has no place labeling private citizens who make gold and silver coins economic terrorists.
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Who’s Lying? NIST and conspirators eager to cover-up their crimes or the FDNY? Smoking Gun Proof : Peer Reviewed Primary Article confirms Thermite was Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe Primary Article Source : Marvin Bush sat on the Board of Directors for Stratasec/Securacom which ran electronic security at the World Trade Center during the 9 month elevator renovation that was done on the buildings by Ace Elevator Co. During this time it was not only conceivable but also reported that there were strange noisy workers inside the buildings operating on the empty maintenance floors. Look up William Rodriguez, Ben Fountain, and Scott Forbes if you need witnesses to this as well as the power down and evacuation drills being conducted the weekend before 9/11. Rudy Giuliani’s FEMA Command Bunker covers the “reconstruction” in WTC 7 and Barry Jennings is our Star Witness for what happened there. Through the elevator shafts access can be gained to 4 foot crawl spaces between floors where explosives could have been planted without workers in the buildings realizing it or seeing what was going on. They also shifted tennants around often enough that they could hide the work from the occupancy (which was an all time low) Technical Papers on 9/11 collapse up for peer review @ Physical Chemistry of Thermite

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  1. MX3516 says:

    If you think this is bad, google “Guaranteed Retirement Accounts” where they want to grab all the 401(k) accounts and fold them into Social Security. You won’t be allowed to? draw anything out until you retire and if you kick the bucket, the government wants to keep half of your contributions.

  2. tonyteb says:

    here? here bro

  3. Kwizmatix says:

    WTF is going on in our? country these days. The Bullshit just gets thicker and thicker.

  4. Eclips411 says:


  5. JobsAreSlavery says:

    I? couldn’t have said it better. The only choice is to fight or die.

  6. AffinityNetNews says:

    To those of you who still blindly believe that big government will? save you…you deserve what you have coming.

    The greatest enemy you will ever face is your own treasonous and terrorist government who is going to enslave you and steal everything that you have and give it to the ruling elite banking cartel.

    None of us can afford to be silent any longer. We are all responsible for our nation and liberty.

  7. PoetryHound says:

    Yes, and look at how he touches his nose and holds his glasses.? Very suspicious. lol

  8. phantasmagorial says:

    “Notice how he shifts to the left, what irrefutable proof that this? conspiracy theory is completely correct!”

  9. Toka313 says:

    lol..? you jokers..

  10. SouthernCross33 says:

    No, molten steel still flowing red hot is not steel being just weakened. As this clip says, the STEEL WAS MOLTEN. If you don’t believe me that molten neans it is melted into liquid form and flowing look up the definition of molten. Also you said “no one said it was? molten” Did you listen to this clip? PPL all the way through it are saying molten, running in rivers, like looking into a volcano. Who are you, some total dipshit or just another govt grub trying to lie about 911?

  11. buddyfreakinhoIIy says:

    “Whose the grub lying in the clip about not hearing anything about molten metal found under the rubble 6 weeks after 911?”

    Listen more carefully. He was asked about POOLS of molten steel. Did? the excavation remove any of these resolidified steel pools?

  12. buddyfreakinhoIIy says:

    WOW, I had no idea people said plane fuel caused steel to melt. Actually, no one said that. What they said is that the plane fuel acted as an accelerant for? the fires, which didn’t melt the steel. They WEAKENED it. Not at all the first time fire has weakened steel.

  13. SouthernCross33 says:

    WOW i had no idea plane fuel which is basically kerosene could burn hot enough to melt steel into a flowing red liquid. Also that? it could still be red hot and flowing after being buried under 110 stories of skyscraper and it’s associated furniture etc and hosed down with water for 2 months. Now i gotta say that i had no idea plane fuel could do all that. So many firsts and lasts happened on 911 it’s absolutely unbelievable

  14. SouthernCross33 says:

    Whose the grub lying in the clip about not hearing anything? about molten metal found under the rubble 6 weeks after 911? Ppl remember this pos name because when the the shit hits the fan and the scum who did this are rounded up, he should also be rounded up with the rest for deliberately lying and covering up facts and evidence from the ppl and the law. He’s just as guilty as the perps but doesn’t deserve the death penalty but prison for life and all assetts confiscated & given to victims family

  15. HellRehab says:

    That article in Bentham is a smoking gun?

    The editor stated after it’s publication “The article has nothing to do with physical chemistry or chemical physics..If anyone had asked me, I would say that the article should never have been published in this journal. Period.” Editor in Chief resigned afterward.

    Open Chemical was so sloppy that they got pranked that year? with a bogus paper from some college kids. Google – CRAP paper accepted by journal – opinion – 11 June 2009 – New Scientist.

  16. riflemanjim says:

    thermite isn’t a explosive?

  17. jcodym13 says:

    This isn’t any different from a NORMAL government. Seriously, governments have lied or “not told” people something for as long as it’s existed. Just look at the Chernobyl? Incident, the North American Indians, so many more things that I really don’t feel like typing about.

  18. mattsjello says:

    Who ever comments bad is a complete asshole thank u for the men and women? in uniform

  19. liarfire101 says:

    You need to work a little harder on your cartoon character.?

  20. dirtdiver5050 says:

    VOTE RON PAUL? 2012!

  21. 911sausageman74 says:

    Me and my boy Ryan Owens droppin twoofs with the slow hand….cause:

    “Too? close a connection will be self-defeating if it is exposed.”
    Czar Sunstein

  22. 911sausageman74 says:

    Hi I’m? new…

  23. 911sausageman74 says:

    Allow Me? Introduce Myself,
    All you 911 Twoofas Better Scatter,
    I’m Your Worst Nightmare
    I’m King Of 2Fa Corpse Mtn.
    Me and my twoof killa crew been droppin the BIG SCIENCE on you twoofa konspiratards:
    “9/11 Truth Movement 2004-2007, R.I.P” Twoof Killa Prophet Ryan Owens
    From our leaders channel rkowens4, AKA: the hornets nest…where twoofers go to die.
    You morons are too dumb to know you’ve been dead for 5 years.
    911 TWOOF? DEBUNKED AGAIN, you simple minds had enough 5 years ago!

  24. 911sausageman74 says:

    When are you twooofa fools gonna realize Richard Gage has been in jail for 9 years!
    They keep cutting and doctoring his old videos and producing fake ones so all us twoof killas have some big boogey man to fear. 911 twoof died in 2007.

    “9/11 Truth Movement 2004-2007, R.I.P” Twoof Killa Prophet Ryan “RKOwens4” Owens

    “Richard Gage has been incarcerated since June of 2003 on charges? of being too loud and c(redact)t .” Don T. Dowtmee Security Ops, Frisco Rapid Fixacrook Correctional Complex

  25. 911sausageman74 says:

    BLDG 7 Never Even Existed you half witted twoofa tards:
    “There has never been a Building 7, a warped chunk of steel from one of the? really big? towers ex(redact)ng, pierced through the bottom off the round part of the 9 on WTC Building Nine.”
    Dr. Vhelshee Moostbeewright,
    Rock a Fella Science Group
    Sr. Research Fellaship

  26. 911sausageman74 says:

    Rumsfeld was a twoofa till I dropped my skillz on his simpleton skull…..and booted him? back to the Pentagon with his tail between his twoofa ass.
    Told him to get the maple syrup outta his cranium? and get back to? keepin us safe……..double time it Rummy……..BOOOY YAAA…..This is my HOUSE! Twoofa BEEEEEWARE

  27. 911sausageman74 says:

    Damn right…kill that twoof bro…Have? we met? I am new…but DA KING about to drop THE BIG SCIENCE and own this page biotches…you chill and learn my man….

  28. markh1011 says:

    “why do you paid COINTELPRO trolls keep running away??”
    – Running away? ? I’m here responding to your nonsense.

    Tell me, how did the light poles get knocked down then? The plane wreckage photographed at the site.?.. over 100 witnesses who saw a plane hit the pentagon….?

    How do you actually? toy with the absurd logic that they faked a hijacking but thought it would be a better idea to fly the plane elsewhere, kill the passengers and just pretend that it hit the pentagon?!

  29. markh1011 says:

    “so you admit theres no? footage of an airliner used anywhere on 9/11??”
    – Nope. Footage has been released that has the airliner in the corner.

    “exactly what proof do you have that any were highjacked on 9/11??”
    – You mean apart from the 767s that flew into the WTC? The movements of the hijackers leading to the event are well documented. This is a compliation of evidence from various sources including hundreds of witness…

    Oh wait they must all be fake too!

  30. surfjerr says:

    lmao i was useing a bic lighter and i melted that damn steel,Flash News every kerosene? heater is melting in the united states because our government and there lap dogs says so, Tell them where did the melting steel came from?I love there answers of airplane fuel (kerosene) .Falling into there own footprints,(Genius) I tell you these lap dogs believe there masters no matter what they say,

  31. mikee047x1 says:

    the one running away is you little one, and there? are tons of videos of the hiajcked airliners little one, god damn you are one shit stupid punk

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