Governments consider car industry bailouts 27 May 09

November 20th, 2011

The European operation of General Motors – which includes the Opel and Vauxhall car brands – employs 50000 people across Europe, with half of these based in Germany. Four companies are bidding for control of GM’s European assets, with Germany and the UK considering giving government money to save as many jobs as possible Jonah Hull reports from London.

The size and scope of government has become one of the most contested issues in American politics. What is government’s proper role? Should it focus on protecting individual rights and free markets? Or on promoting equality and solving society’s problems? This debate between Yaron Brook of the Ayn Rand Institute and Miles Rapoport of Demos is the first event in a three-part series titled “First Principles: The Moral Debates That Drive Today’s Politics.” It was recorded March 10, 2011, in New York.
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  1. emoweixian says:

    @HooahMexi if u’re american pls vote ron paul for the repub primary and the pres election, the world needs america to stop being stupid and finally pick a libertarian president

  2. caisamadrid says:

    Benjemin Barber is the guy who asks the slavery question. Ex consultant to Bill Clinton.

  3. hapspir says:

    The moderator asked Demos: How much equality do we need in order to have a successful society?

    His answer: I don’t know, exactly.

    Then why the frack are you trying so hard to achieve equality of outcome when you don’t even know what that is? Douche.

  4. HooahMexi says:

    Ron Paul and Yaron Brook for 2012…HELL YEAH

  5. brianmcgroarty says:

    Loved it. “Any war on an inanimate object is not going to go well” – Yaron Brook

  6. ThatGuyWhoDidStuff says:

    @ThatGuyWhoDidStuff youtube glitch numbnuts.

  7. ThatGuyWhoDidStuff says:

    lol at the censorship guys

  8. ThatGuyWhoDidStuff says:

    Yaron is a good debater but Demos is correct.

  9. bma051000 says:

    @allmanjoy “The dipshit at 48:21 asking the slavery question got his ass handed to him quite eloquently.”
    That is the Demos debater from the second debate!

  10. swankprimemover says:

    Yaron Brook has an amazing way of really focusing on the core issues, which is both a wonderful thing and probably a frustrating thing as well. Wonderful for me because I love to see another human being with the ability to harness his cognitive faculty. Frustrating because you can’t reason with an unthinking, out of focus mind like Rapoport.

    P.s. Yaron’s comment about managing 7 year olds was hilarious!! Thanks Yaron. You truly are a hero and one of mine.

  11. SpellboundSolution says:

    Interest rate of 30% stemming from a mutually agreed contract = bad, having 80% of your income stolen from you each year against your will and given to people who can’t earn it = good. Yay for democracy! And does anybody know what “predatory loans” this guy is talking about?

  12. HypersomniaDude says:

    Awesome sauce.

  13. MidnightNeverCome says:

    The way the guy from Demos pronounces “Jean Jacques Rousseau” is enough for me to hate him.

    That is all.

  14. rambo26 says:

    Lol at the slavery question, we have a long way to go… Awesome job though Yaron!

  15. Bigturns33 says:

    Guy i guess wasnt listening nor can he put together a set of principles built upon a heiarchy of a premise.

  16. Bigturns33 says:

    Yuron own this guy from the get go.

  17. waksibra says:

    what is Demos?

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