Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Soundtrack – Emotion 98.3 – Missing You

February 2nd, 2012

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Soundtrack Emotion 98.3 Track 09 – Missing You (John Waite)

Surprise show at Maryvale highschool with the Jabbawockeez, Zizzazz, Street All Stars and Power 98.3 Arizona

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22 Responses

  1. Giselle2371 says:

    I heard? this in the radio all the time

  2. AnToNiO93337 says:

    best song? ever

  3. qwertyxs3 says:


  4. piemaster4 says:

    all those BISHES need to shutup?

  5. Shirlindakeh03 says:


  6. MYSUPERKUSH420 says:

    ya maryvale? all day bitches

  7. Phoenician6 says:

    Rich???? LMAO! No disrespect to Maryvale, but its? not on the nice side of town. Any Phoenix Union High School District school has never been labeled “rich”…lmfao.

  8. ericq1090 says:

    rich ass schools. we need mroe money? in ours

  9. occalifaz714 says:

    I remember Wen I was Sitting in the Middle row? in front Damm Bad Ass Day DItched my classes nd went to it twice Klean Ass Dance lol
    (THUMPS UP) πŸ™‚

  10. agfirefly126 says:

    I wish the jabbawockeez would come to my shool cause everyone i known loves them and me and a couple friends are gonna? do a tribute to them

  11. WockeezBigFans says:

    OMG.. u are so lucky (^_^) i realy love jabbawockeez.. i hope i? can meet them!! they are so awesome..the best dance crew in the world!!! yeah!!

  12. missDVM says:

    I was feeling pretty happy and comfortable until those huge-ass security dudes prowled by… Holy Crap-o-La! Where did they find those dudes?! That’ll keep those poor boys safe from those crazy? fangirls! ROFL!

  13. iamjblatingirl234 says:

    @ 8:16… SPIDERMAN!!! AHHHHHH!!!!?

  14. llspacemonkeyll says:

    did u see the faces on the other? dance crew towards the end?

  15. carolzitazinhaa says:

    Sometimes? I forget they’re humans!

  16. PRKCGMPSSO says:

    Get them at paseo! lmao?

  17. KidSpottless says:

    Damn Dude I Dance And Thr? Jabbawockeez inspire Me Since day One I Saw Em’ How The Heck Do Yew geht Them At Yur Schoo.? Im So jelous

  18. GreatGFX says:

    there not the jabbawockeez because they took there masks off? ><

  19. MrKevinokay says:

    its kewl how? jabbawockeez go by the beat but wit all d girls screamin in ther mask ther like wtf?!

  20. royallavendar says:

    lol yeah, you hate the screaming cause you can’t hear the music, but you? gottta love the fans xD

  21. Amirikl1 says:

    I hate? all this screaming!!! It’s irritating! Stupid girls! :S

  22. MultiMAGICDAN says:

    sick dance group, the mask makes them man, the mask was there key to make them bigger then what they? already are..RESPECTT

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