[HD] Flight Simulator X – DIrect X 10 Awesome Graphics – F33 Bonanza Arriving at Concrete Municipal

March 20th, 2012

flightsimvideos.blogspot.com – Subscribe! It means a lot! Visit my Flight Sim Video Blog: flightsimvideos.blogspot.com Autumnal arrival of an F33 Bonanza at Concrete, Washington State. Scenery by Orbx Aircraft by Caranado REX used for environment effects EZCA camera addon used for camera effects
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Visit my blog at: fight2flyphoto.blogspot.com Here is a video of the Messerschmitt Bf-109 E-3 Emil that is owned and operated by the Flying Heritage Collection at Paine Field in Everett, Washington. This fly-day was June 6th, 2009 for the 65th anniversary of D-Day. They flew their Fieseler Fi 156 C-2 Storch as well as their 109. The museum has several airworthy WWII aircraft that have been restored to amazing condition. This particular 109 has an authentic Daimler-Benz DB-601Aa
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. MrMontanaNights says:

    Lol..I was listening to the ATC (prob liveatc?), anyways I don’t think a Airbus will be landing there anytime? soon…nice backgroud though.

  2. TheElectaurus2000 says:

    se podria ver asi de bien el juego si tengo el directX11 i3 ATI Mobility raedon premium graphics y 4GB de memoria RAM y (2.2 GHz creo que está por ahí)? responder? por favor

  3. mdnn16 says:

    Carenado is the? shit

  4. kkdjen says:

    guys! Didnt you know? Chuck Norris´ computer went missing one week before this video. Theres the explanation youre? all looking for…

  5. sallytoothfuck says:

    @bodochecker my scenery setting are as high as thay can possibly go? and so is every thing else except trafic.

  6. bodochecker says:

    @sallytoothfuck hmmm what are your scenery settings? (i have high and in mid air 70 frames) only on the add airports 30? fps

  7. sallytoothfuck says:

    @bodochecker oh when i use it it runs fine?

  8. bodochecker says:

    @sallytoothfuck have? it already

  9. sallytoothfuck says:

    @bodochecker you probly need a better graphics card… i recommend a nvdia geforce EVGA gtx 550 TI?

  10. MISSIRES says:

    Come on try it with Aerosoft London? 😀 ^^ hahahahaha

  11. bodochecker says:

    I? have an I5 2500K, Quad Core,16 Gb Ram and th e 550 and lags at a add acenery -,-

  12. cmjetzz says:

    Now that? certainly inspired me to take out my GA planes out…

  13. MiizStY says:

    lil too choppy if? you ask me.

  14. chromekumpel says:

    Okay if you got Orbx Scenery and REX for the weather? you don’t need any DX10…

  15. sSector5 says:

    Chuck norris runs FSX on a pentium 3…? without lagging

  16. EngineeringSupport says:

    although we asked you many times to upload your enb configuration, you didn’t.
    Frankly speaking I find your graphics quit normal, a set of addons nothing more, I have a better graphics using Directx 11, under graphics section in fsx.cfg, add D3D11=1, that’s it.?

  17. Aadilf1 says:

    @matthunter565? Oh 😛 i really didn’t notice my comment was still the top one xD, anyway i got a good enough PC to run FSX at 40-50 ultra high 🙂

    I also have a video, its called Ultra High FSX Graphics

  18. matthunter565 says:

    @Aadilf1 lol i got? a 2600 not k at 3.4 with a gtx 570 could i run this XD

  19. rarvan45 says:

    nasa called thei want their? pc back

  20. diakrite says:

    @diakrite oh, and look? for “enb-series for fsx”

  21. diakrite says:

    @lolizota buy orbx pacific? northwest…..

  22. MrRedwingsfan16 says:

    @lolizota venetubo.c om/fsx.htm l enjoy that and get an fps limiter for fsx, it’s called d3d9 antilag,? best thing you will ever do

  23. 1216saab says:

    @lolizota sony vegas is my guess. Its not all about the? p.c. as much as the enhancements.

  24. RoughRiderElk says:

    AWSOME!? Your lucky to see it fly!

  25. FiveCentsPlease says:

    Yes, original engine.?

  26. FiveCentsPlease says:

    Yes.? The E4 canopy was sometimes a field mod.

  27. fight2flyphoto says:

    For an updated video from the 2011 flying season, check out my Luftwaffe Day video featuring this 109E-3 and Fw-190, plus the Battle of Britain video. 8:09? in that video features a nice closeup of the 109 doing its engine runup about 25 feet away.

  28. fight2flyphoto says:

    @19babyjack55 Fuck you, ass-tard, that’s my wife who now has cancer. She was? excited to see the plane. If you don’t like it why don’t you come here and make a better video.

  29. zockerapfell says:

    it does have an E4 canopy though doesnt it??

  30. Weibkoln says:

    You had to see my grandpa his face when I showed this,
    That? look in his eyes coult kill us all…
    A Bf-109 in this condition, in the USA…

  31. w5andre says:

    good!!!is original engine??????

  32. daveymojo says:

    oh get a life you sad tossers….moaning cos a woman was heard to “speak” on the audio.SO WHAT? i think its refreshing? that she appreciates old aircraft like this you joyless old morons.

  33. Brian79camino says:

    i like the “victory wave” at 1:02?

  34. BlackWiiOwner2010 says:

    Very cool video, thanks for sharing. Have you seen the Collings? Foundation planes and heard the history?

  35. FiveCentsPlease says:

    Yes, the original engine? for the type.

  36. bmwdb605 says:

    is this the original? engine
    i think not so

  37. Serjilion says:

    As for this bucket with a screw? at all flew?

  38. pneulancer says:

    Unbelievable;? my hat’s off to all those who worked so hard to get this beauty airworthy!

  39. sochutao says:

    This plane is the best,? ever! Thank you very much for video.
    My dream is see one this, just you did!

  40. FiveCentsPlease says:

    This is not White 14. There are two airworthy Emils presently. A number of 109s are in restoration to flight, but progress (and parts) are slow for rare planes like these. I? believe this E-3 was upgraded with the newer canopy in the field.

  41. 19babyjack55 says:

    Well, hopefully, that woman WILL see this discussion! The audio was respectful of the aircraft and the entire scene all the way through? until the ending sequence, when her audio presence “arrives” and she reduces things to the level of, say, SpongeBob SquarePants.

    Sorry, she wrecked it.

  42. Poopingbotham says:

    @19babyjack55 Well,? for me, she ADDED to the footage. Why don’t you leave her alone? She probably reads these comments

  43. Poopingbotham says:

    Are? there now more than one airworthy Bf 109E’s? Or is this “White 14” re-painted?

    If it’s a E3, what happened to its rounded canopy?

  44. Morgteck says:

    I’ve always considered the? Bf-109 to be an absolutely beautiful airplane. I feel the same way about the Spitfire, the Zero, the Mustang, the Hurricane, the Focke-Wulf 190, the Kawasaki Hien, the Nakajima Hayate, the P-38, the Yak 3, the Macchi 202 and any number of other fine WWII fighters. If you cannot look beyond your ancient political grudges to the sheer beauty of a well designed and graceful airframe…too bad for you….”Dude”.

  45. trimode1 says:

    601 the sound is always goose flesh !!?

  46. 1339LARS says:

    What can I? say, beautiful!!!!!!

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