[HD] Jeremy Lin Post-Game Interview New York Knicks vs. Washington Wizards Feb 8, 2012

February 22nd, 2012

Jeremy Lin, scores 23 points, 4 rebounds and 10 assists as the New York Knicks wins the 3rd game in a row.

Air France begins service to Washington’s Dulles International Airport using the Airbus A380, the largest passenger jet in the skies. The plane seats more than 500 passengers and will fly to Paris. (June 6)

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  1. Joisu121 says:

    I? like seeing him smile! Cool guy. 🙂

  2. DownUnderD says:

    @MarkTheCode Honestly I find his intelligence to be the most interesting thing about him. He’s a Harvard grad with a 4.2 GPA I’m surprised he’s not screwing people out of money on Wall St or something, guess he wanted to make an honest living lol. I hope he stays in the league for years to come, but not with the crappy Knicks. Those shitty New York fans? will turn on him the second he has a sub par performance and he doesn’t deserve that.

  3. jhonnybravado says:


  4. sillytommychannel says:

    LOL at when he was saying “Washington?!” x)?

  5. Disturbdindahed says:

    @LTMagic21? Well, when it’s the most prestigous institution in the world, I’m positive you have to be at least remotely intelligent to attend. Sure, it’s rational what you’re implying…but I’m being realistic. And, realistically, if you’re at Harvard, you’re pretty smart.

  6. dvtra24 says:

    @MarkTheCode Correct term? is ” He’s an Linspiration”

  7. LTMagic21 says:

    @Disturbdindahed No, it’s not at all. Sure intelligence can sometimes be measured by education? level, but definitely not always.

  8. Disturbdindahed says:

    @LTMagic21 That’s like saying you don’t have to be good at Basketball to get into the? NBA…..Lmao.

  9. ASlANproductions says:

    no he probably considers himself Chinese-American.
    Yao? is Chinese

  10. WhatGodNow says:

    People are comparing Jeremy Lin with Jesus… come on, he? might have been good… but Jeremy Lin is GREAT!

  11. toguNYC says:


  12. eastern2western says:

    @bear0785 a lot of these retards do not realize that taiwan is republic of china which makes them also chinese but with a different government entity. if they do not like to be call chinese, they should first change their country name and then call them selves what ever the heck they want. I am sick and tire of these freaking retards try to claim jeremy lin? as their own when they do not even ask lin for what his permission. he himself considers himself chinese than taiwanese.

  13. bear0785 says:

    @eastern2western Can’t agree with? you any more!

  14. toxicz0mg says:

    @hellahotdude? LOL@@@

  15. Joyfulchute says:

    @MrLouis0121 In that case he is American in your logic not? taiwanese.

  16. LTMagic21 says:

    @hellahotdude Just because? you went to Harvard doesn’t automatically make you intelligent.

  17. newyorkblues100 says:

    @hellahotdude …yea, definitely..?

  18. eastern2western says:

    this whole stupid taiwanese not chinese argument is the most comical event in the galaxy of human history. to the rest of the world, no one gives a shit because people are just going to look at both group as asians, gooks, chinks or orientals. the only ones who care are just small group? of narrow-minded retards from stupid ass taiwan and they do not even realize that their country is republic of china, not fucken taiwan. which makes them chinese.

  19. soeurn says:

    He is so humble…may God? be with u Lin!

  20. nameoffeather says:

    @MarkTheCode word!? brother

  21. MrLouis0121 says:



    Humans evolved from chimpanzees so I guess we shouldn’t have races or cultures because all of these cultures came from chimpanzees so basically we can all just hang on trees and pluck fleas from each other. No, he’s? definitely Taiwanese thank you very much.

  22. mRsHiZzAe says:

    “Are you starting? to think this is your home now?”
    “No, New York.”

  23. CosbyTheCaterpillar says:

    @emars1155 it weighs? more than 60 tones

  24. geffel says:

    Oh yeah…I remember that? episode of Thunderbirds…

  25. dwmtl1000s1974 says:

    Lord help the staff the first day they have a mechanical and have 425 pissed off hungry fat americans. They will quit work and run away!?

  26. 38turner says:

    Or 12,000 Mexicans.

  27. nemo227 says:

    @fastedu1 They haven’y put in a McDonalds . . .? YET.

  28. nemo227 says:

    @derberg19486 (That IS? funny). But I weigh only 175 lbs.

  29. meyere30 says:

    Go Airbus. That is a true? and funny joke. Notice Boeing has no answer for that beast. Fantastic engineering.

  30. fastedu1 says:

    @derberg19486 Amen. If they hadn’t built a McDonalds? inside, you could’ve easily fit all 500…..

  31. emars1155 says:

    That jet? looks really heavy!

  32. ThePescavore says:

    Piece of advice:
    If it doesn’t? start with a “7” and end with a “7”, dont fly in it.

  33. ThePescavore says:

    The A-380 provides seating for 525 people in a typical three-class? configuration or up to 853 people in all-economy class configurations… Wait until this baby disappears off radar with about 1000 people and no reason except its a piece of crap like the air france flight did.

  34. IndianInZurich says:

    For a moment, I thought it was an AIRBUS?

  35. neofalconer says:

    @mysticwalker2112 It’s? funny and it’s somewhat inaccurate. More like 375.

  36. neofalconer says:

    @mysticwalker2112 It’s funny and it’s somewhat inaccurate.? More like 375.

  37. mauman707ec says:

    two lucky pilots flying the biggest fattest bird in the? skies (:

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