How come only millionaires usually get elected to the Senate?

January 12th, 2012

Question by guitarman: How come only millionaires usually get elected to the Senate?
How come there are no average joes in there? And how in the world can a multimillionaire even relate to the average joes he is supposed to be representing in Congress? Most of the folks in the Senate are former CEO’s, former successful attorneys, doctors, wealthy entrepeneurs, doctors, etc. And it’s not just the Senate, it’s the House of Representatives, too. There are disproportionate amount of wealthy professionals in the House too.

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we need the public healthcare option it would help us all !!!

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  1. Diamond Digger says:

    So run for office.

  2. Mark C says:

    It’s all about the money. Us the average Joe could not even come near the amount of money needed to do TV ads, etc, with that said no TV stations or radios would play ads or give the average joe any credit or offer them any spots on debates etc, it’s all about the mighty $ .

  3. jasensgirl says:

    they have the money to fund their campaigns. sorry to say but the average joe doesn’t stand a chance in the cutthroat world of politics. and even if he/she could run for free, imagine if the poor sap got elected. he/she would be eaten alive by the wealthy fat cats up there. i’m glad i’m too poor to run for office. 🙂

  4. ron j says:

    they are well connected and have the ability to raise the most money.

    a vicious cycle that of course leads to more millionaires in office who make more laws favoring millionaires……and keeping govt’s war against the ordinary working class americans going strong.

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