How long is a flight from Washington dc to Soroca, Moldova?

January 25th, 2012

Question by guerriera: How long is a flight from Washington dc to Soroca, Moldova?
just wondering =O

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Answer by RDG78
I couldn’t get any response on Travelocity, so I’ll have to extrapolate from personal experience flying from Charleston to Frankfurt. I’d guess 16 hours if a non-stop flight was available. Add at least four hours more if you have any layovers.
Try other travel sites to see if you can get any better results.

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  1. arsanlupin says:

    Soroca is a Moldovan town situated on the Dniester River about 160 km north of Chi?in?u. It has no airport of it’s own – you would need to take the marshrutka from Chi?in?u. Based on my experience taking a marshrutka from Odessa through Tiraspol and Bendery to Chi?in?u (ignoring the border crossing delays) which is about the same distance, you can bet on about 2.5 to 3 hours ride from Chi?in?u to Soroca.

    Also, there are no non-stop flights to Moldova from anywhere in North America – you need to change planes somewhere in Europe. Trying to use any American travel website is usually a total waste for travel in Eastern Europe – try

    That being said, my flight from International Airport Chisinau (KIV) Moldova last March 31 had a flight time of 2 hours 20 minutes to Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport (FCO) in Fiumicino Italy via Air Moldova’s Flight 891. After a wait time in Rome of 2 hours 20 minutes, United Airlines Flight 967 got me to to Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) in Chantilly, VA from Rome in 9 hours 43 minutes, for a total flight time of 12 hours 3 minutes.

    Based on my personal experience, you will leave Dulles one evening for the red-eye hop across the pond, change planes somewhere in Europe – likely Frankfurt or Rome – land in Chi?in?u about 6:00 the following evening, take an hour or 2 in the airport for passport control (slow) baggage claim (fast) and customs (variable), then 2.5-3 hours ride to arrive in Soroca about 10:00 or 11:00 at night – completely exhausted!

    Also: the marshrutkas almost definitely do not run that late at night – you will need either a taxi, a private car and driver, or a place to sleep in Chi?in?u that night to wait for the marshrutka the next day. You would use the North Bus Station (Gara Chisinau Nord) at 2/1 Calea Mosilor Str, Chisinau city center. A relatively new station, it is in close proximity to the Central bus station, Tatun CTC tobacco factory and the Calea Besarabiei market. The telephone # is: 373 (22) 411 338

    If you have time, try out the new restaurant in the Botanika section of Chisinau city center called Eclipse – at str. Independentei 16/4. Excellent food and service with very reasonable prices (US$ 5-10 per person). The Purcari Moldovan chardonnay was wonderful – bring some back for me!

    Stay away from the Andy’s Pizza chain – the food is even worse than an American pizza chain, and more expensive. Ditto McDonald’s – it’s awful! (except for the female employees’ miniskirts)

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