How to win radio contests?

March 7th, 2012

Question by : How to win radio contests?
I am entering to win Glee tickets on fresh fm at a certain time today. Fresh fm is a washington dc station. What are some strategies I could use to win? HELP!
I have 3 available phones. They all have the radio station number on speed dial.

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Answer by Paul
depends call get friends involved text txt them multiple times.. i just won tickets to a concert i just text the radio twice so i guess luck is a factor as well

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  1. Megan says:

    I won numerous radio contests a couple years ago but this is a little different, my suggestion is get familiar with the beginning of the radio ad when they say to call in(what it sounds like). And the second you hear it call, that way you’ll be one of the first. Also keep trying to get through unless you hear them announce a winner because you might get through. Lastly it will work better if you have 2 people to help you man the phones(just make sure they’re willing to do it for free and won’t take your tickets).
    Good Luck!

  2. Common Sense says:

    It’s just luck. There is no strategy that would work.

  3. spunkygrl says:


    speed dial,patience, lots o luck!!!:)

  4. cyberguyiphone says:

    3 Phones- You’re off to a Good Start.

    Let me point out that even though I have won many prizes, winning a contest is purely LUCK.
    Don’t let that discourage you, however.

    If the caller number is less than 10:
    -Wait for the cue to call and immediately dial. If you get busy signals, keep dialing for about 20 seconds. Stations usually have no more than 10 lines, so if you don’t get through within the first 5-10 seconds, you didn’t win. I say within 10 seconds and not 5 seconds because the DJ’s may take a moment to clear their lines.

    If the caller number is greater than 10:
    -Call when the cue plays. Keep calling and calling until you get a line through. Stations in my area are really quick in getting through callers and usually have a winner within the number of seconds there are callers (caller 20 – 20 seconds)

    When and if you get a line to go through there are a few things to take to mind:
    1.) You are going to get a caller number.
    2.) A DJ or phone op will pick up and say for example “Hello, Kroq” In this case, you must act excited asking if you’re the correct caller or if you won the contest. “OMG, am I caller 20?!?!?” The station loves and prefers excited callers. If you aren’t excited they MAY hang up.
    3.) You regained the line of a caller and happen to be a little too late. The phone ops may be taking down winner information and the line will just ring through. *** On a side note, a DJ may wait a significant amount of time before picking up, so stay on the line and DO NOT hang up unless the line times out.***

    ** NEVER beg for tickets or call at random times. It will NEVER work. 🙂

    ///// I use a power dialer in addition to my cell phone. It stores the station numbers and redials SUPER fast. $ 250 though. It has paid for itself with the prizes I won with it.

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