How will Obama MAKE the rich pay the additional taxes?

December 12th, 2011

Question by voteforME: How will Obama MAKE the rich pay the additional taxes?
He says he wants to take out loopholes>>>does anybody know what loopholes specifically? I know some rich people…they are already planning on how to move more money overseas if Obama gets elected….and planning to lay off employees. How is Obama going to make the rich do anything? They did not get rich because they are stupid. Good example is Hollywood, whom are his greatest supporters…but they are not worried about his tax hikes because they have smart accountants that transfer their money to Swiss Accounts.

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Answer by william p
Well, he wants CEO’s to make less, and not give tax breaks to corporations. This is extremely the wroing decision. Heres why…corporations already pay 35 percent taxes, so taxing more would send them overseas. If you cut CEO’s pay, there wont be none. WHen you are a CEO, you make so much because there is a chance you can lose everything . For example, if a company goes bankrupt, a CEO’s assests are taken with the bankruptcy, therefore thats why they make so much. Hope this helps!!

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  1. Mike says:

    He want’s to close the loopholes. He want’s to stop letting overseas businesses who have moved out of the U.S. from doing business here again.

    Obama is way out of line here. He is just flat wrong that he thinks this will help the economy. Businesses I know will have to lay off all their employees. Not so much because of the tax hike, but more because they can’t afford to buy health insurance for all their employees. Many of the business owners I know can’t even afford health insurance for themselves. How the heck are they going to provide health coverage at $ 500 a month PER EMPLOYEE if they can’t even afford it for themselves. Obama is a total idiot. Our country is in real trouble if he gets elected. I wouldn’t worry so much about moving your business out of the country. It’s moving my FAMILY out of the country that i’m considering.

  2. Microbeast says:

    Just like Biden said, if Obama gets elected there will be international crisis. Blind idiots are thinking Obama will change something, he won’t. He will make it much worse. Worse than that, the media will cover it up, until it EXPLODES! Then I’m sure he will blame it on Bush..

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