Hudson River Plane Crash Crew: “Brace brace, heads down, stay down” – US Airway Flight 1549 –

March 8th, 2012

Its nice to see that we still have people who are so professional, and that they do what needs to be done, the way that it needs to be done, and when it needs to be done. The Captain and Crew of this flight should be saluted by everyone in the world for the excellent job that they did. jbranstetter04 Hudson River crash recordings reveal calm of Captain Sullenberger His quick thinking under pressure has already been hailed across the world. Now transcripts of the final communication from the aircraft that crashed on the Hudson reveal how its pilot calmly radioed air traffic controllers that he was planning to land in the river next to Manhattan. The audio recordings from the stricken jet, released yesterday, reveal that air traffic control met the news with disbelief. Were going to be in the Hudson, Captain Chesley Sully Sullenberger told the tower in a deadpan voice. Im sorry, say again, an air traffic controller responded. There was no answer from the aircraft. Captain Sullenbergers splash landing saved the lives of all 155 people aboard US Airway Flight 1549 from New Yorks LaGuardia airport to Charlotte, North Carolina, on January 15. The former US Air Force pilot walked through the aircraft twice to check that all passengers had got out before he abandoned the aircraft, in a feat dubbed The Miracle on the Hudson. Investigators have confirmed that birds struck both engines of the Airbus A320 just after takeoff. The National Transportation Safety Board has released a

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  1. richie2b says:

    That blonde woman is full of? shit the rest of the people sound genuine

  2. overlandpark6me says:

    Katy? Couric really sucks

  3. Tigersmind87 says:

    Dear Francesco Schettino, the cowardly cruise liner captain who abandoned ship before his passengers and crew were evacuated, please take a page out of this man’s book. THIS is a real man, a? true captain that deserves the title bestowed on him.

  4. c1n9r6v3 says:

    _Today is Sunday, January 15th, 2012. ` Three years since the? Miracle On The Hudson river occured.
    Departure time: 15.24hrs.
    Flight? number: 1549.
    Passengers and crew: 155.
    The number ‘one five’ is prominent.` ?_

  5. impamiizgraa says:

    Katie Couric makes? a mockery of any situation she’s tasked with reporting on. Just by being. Ugh.

  6. sixnightsaweek says:

    I am a retired pilot with the Old Western Airlines…………I would work with? that flight crew anyday.

  7. annie46664 says:

    This is tear jerking stuff! If only the world consisted of more awesome, brave, unselfish & caring people like these ~ & of course, especially the? Captain. WOW! They’re ALL to be highly commended & both remembered and prayed for often. πŸ™‚
    BRAVO TO EVERY PASSENGER AS WELL OF COURSE! It sure sounds as though they were the perfect passengers to handle any crisis. Each probably had an angel from 911 by their side whispering guidance & comforting words to them, before ensuring ALL of their safety.

  8. medianatie says:

    @SecretService80 that adds to the load?

  9. brizzurker1984 says:

    God this journalist is probing and deep.? Bring back real talented journalists please, stop it with these fuggin pretty talking heads thanks.

  10. RandomMindz says:

    Huzzah? for the Hudson Hero

  11. themrchemist123 says:

    I wonder which flight attendant has talked to an ambulance chasing? lawyer?

  12. Vidszhite says:

    @TheMrMuzzle? Listen to who she’s complaining about: not the captain, but the dumbasses who weren’t listening and making life hell for her. When you’re having a near death experience and a bunch of idiots are trying to get naturally selected, maybe taking you with them, you have a right to get frustrated.

  13. TheMrMuzzle says:

    @Vidszhite u dont get the point…is she gran btw??Ur so emotionally upset about it…listen to the interview again…shes so bitchy about it..if you want to tell ur story fine say it? but theres a way of saying it..

  14. Vidszhite says:

    @TheMrMuzzle “I lived, therefore if I say it was scary because it was, and I almost drowned in the aftermath, I must be ungrateful.” Honestly, dude, she didn’t even know that she was going to live. The plane was sinking because of what some other dumbass did–talking about that isn’t ungrateful. Have you ever been in a plane that almost crashed? Because if you weren’t you can go ahead and shut? your mouth. Even if you live and you’re thankful for it, you’re still going to be scarred for life.

  15. TheMrMuzzle says:

    @Vidszhite oh for fuk sake….wether it wasnt rosie etc.? the fact is she lived….the plane would have crashed had it been any other pilot (most likely)…what she is doing now is ungrateful….yes she may have been traumatized but it could have been much much worse…the plane lost both engines hence complaining about things that happened after landing is just straight out bitchy and plain stupid…

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