“If The Government Calls You A Terrorist They Can KILL YOU & The Rest Of Us Take Their Word For It!”

January 31st, 2012

January 30, 2012 Russia Today MOXNews.com

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  1. RocknRollaRevolution says:

    RocknRollaRevolution Tea Party and Occupy Movement stand united. United against? the tyranny of the current authoritarian paradigm of big government? Democrats vs. big government Republicans.
    End the? Fed, End corporatism, cronyism and any source of corruption. End the wars both Foreign and Domestic.
    Ron Paul?? Revolution!

  2. MrMemag says:

    @mas88rus “Abolishing the straight elections of governors, changing the electoral system, strengthening of power structures which should be the main supporters of Putin regime, demonstrate his intentions to improve the state governance by authoritarian methods based on the principle of personal loyalty. In other words, during the short period since his election in 2004 Putin? refused to follow his pre-electoral promises”

    humanrightshouse. org/Articles/5546. html

  3. MrMemag says:

    @mas88rus “The first? thing Putin did after the tragedy in Beslan was to eliminate elections for regional governors, and in doing so he bolstered his own power. The first thing that President Dmitry Medvedev did after the explosion at Domodedovo was to blame the management of the best airport in the country for negligence.”

  4. MrMemag says:

    @mas88rus In this particular case the difference is in presentation. While US media tries to justify the acts of government and their satellites, Russian mainstream doesn’t even put it in the air.If anyone thinks these things are? not happening in the Russia, you are simply wrong. But it’s okay because you don’t even know about it so you can’t criticize it.It also confirms the cultural and social gap between two nations/countries.

    I did like Max Keiser.

  5. MrMemag says:

    @mas88rus I’d still take material from “The Real News” as that is true journalism.
    I one criticized RT (was subscribed) , for I got bored with brainwashing bullshit about great Russia and Putin and Medvedev greatness.You would be surprised how people tend to herd in and protect what they want? to be the truth, even if they are proven wrong.
    If people take Russian mainstream propaganda machine as truth, then they didn’t even bother searching for one.It is in the eye of beholder ,as they say.tnx

  6. MrMemag says:

    @mas88rus No, it’s biased and pumped up, just like? FOX. RT(US) has freedom of speech,alright, so why don’t they criticize their government instead of promoting Mr.Putin and other Russian mobsters?
    If journalist does what he is told to do, then he is not a journalist at all.He is a puppet.
    Also, one who does not speak the truth about his country is a liar , and liar is not the person from whom you’d seek the truth. I know some of it is true but in the end it’s mainstream brainwashing machine.

  7. mas88rus says:

    @MrMemag I agree with you on some level.. the funny thing is, Russia doesn’t have freedom of speech so to stay alive, the journalists on RT have to say good things about the Kremlin Devil… but at least you know that the stuff that’s coming out of their mouths about the U.S. is completely true. They are biased on? the side of having to protect Russia’s gov’t but since the U.S. has freedom of speech (or the appearance of) they can say what they want about American affairs.

  8. mas88rus says:

    this is terrifying. wtf??

  9. usexoticsltd says:

    If we ACTUALLY imprisoned every person who aides Al Qaeda, Washington? D.C. and Langley, VA would look like ghost towns the following day.

  10. veksink says:

    @ymkamara420 oh really? ignorance, huh? maybe you should go to their wikipedia page and read about their? headquarters in Moscow AND their studio in Washington D.C. as well as their bureaus in Miami and Los Angeles before you make such asinine statements…

  11. TheBuzz222 says:


  12. sparkyj99 says:

    ~~> Thats funny because I recall hearing of emails with the Ft. Smith shooter and a few others who were building bombs… But I guess your? right lady, that doesn’t make him a terrorist… By the way, why are we still holding Manson?? I mean, he didn’t actually do anything… American Family Value Tea Folk BEGGED lil bush for the anal probing… Please sir pat down my child with an AK pointed at her head… Please let the dogs sniff my bag… Be proud tea people, you got your way…

  13. MrMemag says:

    @lumpfish99 “The newspaper? (Nezavisimaya Gazeta) said the exercise would be a key milestone in the activities of Russia’s armed forces this year. Russia hinted once again that in case of an attack by “Israel” and the US on Iran, it also will attack this country, as it was in 1942, and occupy again the northern part of Iran.”

    Don’t be fooled Russians are playing pacifism.
    Also browse through independent Russian news to get the picture of RT agenda and hypocrisy.

    theotherrussia. org/

  14. MrMemag says:

    @lumpfish99 Well it’s been noted that Russia had been fighting wars in recent history, and that it was colonial (Ukraine for example), but yes not on yearly basis.
    I? am not defending USA, as if you were listening to me, and thank you I am quite awake for all I know.We can’t live in a black and white world, that’s why I don’t like government propaganda.
    I think it’s important for people to know they are watching Kremlin agitprop and that ,although mostly correct about US, they are VERY biased.

  15. lumpfish99 says:

    @MrMemag it may well be kremlin propaganda but who is fighting all the wars? russia or? the usa? who is colonising countries on a yearly basis? wake up.

  16. timberwolf613 says:

    @rainbo5250? Easy.. Because 911 was an inside job.

  17. MrMemag says:

    @uche007us Well the truth is, RT has it’s head deep in Putin’s ass, so it’s all relative.
    RT is Kremlin propaganda, of course they target US.And to be perfectly clear I am not defending Maddow,or Obama or any mainstream channel.

    I dare you to find any RT news which bashes Russian government and Putin (at the same level).Also count “Putin the Superman”? commercials on RT.

    It’s just Russian FOX and more.

  18. Horse237 says:

    Anwar Al Awlaki was killed because he was NOT A TERRORIST. He met with Pentagon top brass 3 months after 911. He was used to sheep? dip useful idiots who fell for the rhetoric on his Internet videos. He had to die so he could not tell the truth.

    Want to learn more about just how insane your government is? Please Google This:
    5 Minutes To Self-Immolation Of The Israeli Empire

  19. rainbo5250 says:

    Why was the? plane carrying Bin Laden’s family,…..THE ONLY PLANE ALLOWED TO FLY,….when EVERY OHTER PLANE was ordered on stand down and grounded?

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