Image from web site 11 of “Bulletin” (1910)

January 20th, 2016

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Image from website 11 of “Bulletin” (1910)
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Identifier: bulletin138unit
Title: Bulletin
12 Months: 1910 (1910s)
Authors: United Claims. Bureau of Mines
Topics: Mines and mineral resources Mines and mineral sources Mining engineering
Publisher: Washington U.S. Govt. Print. Down. [etc.]
Including Library: Gerstein – University of Toronto
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Toronto

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are the ones utilized by the Illinois Geological research. The districts shown in figure 1 never add instead every one of the minesworked in the State, but 98.3 percent associated with tonnage is producedin them all. In 1912 districts 7, 6, 4, and 5, ranking inside the purchase called,produced 82 per cent of coal linked to the State. Districts 2 and 3 eachproduced less than 1 percent. CHARACTER OF COKING PROCESS. The coking of coal is a destructive distillation in either the absenceof air or simply in the presence of a finite offer. In commercial practicecoking is performed in beehive and by-product ovens along with in gasoline retorts.The ways of procedure vary, as perform some products obtained. Bee-hive and a lot of by-product ovens are usually for creating metallurgical coke,whereas gas retorts are usually for obtaining illuminating gas. Coke fromgas retorts isn’t as great as from coking ovens and it is generally provided fordomestic fuel. a Andros, S. O., Coal mining in Illinois: Illinois Coal Mining research Bull. 13,1915, p. 50. 10 COKING OF ILLINOIS COALS.

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Figure 1.—Map of Illinois, showing coal districts utilized under the cooperative arrangement. CONDITIONS CONCERNING COKING OF ILLINOIS COALS. 11 In beehive ovens coke is ordinarily the sole item obtained.The range is heated from inside by the combustion of fumes drivenfrom the coal and of some the fixed carbon, a restricted method to obtain airfor this purpose becoming admitted through an opening inside the part ofthe oven. A huge share linked to the volatile matter is burned inside ofthe range and remainder, which passes out through top, isburned in regard to touching environment. For this reason all of the by-productsare missing. In by-product ovens coke is usually the principal item; gas,tar, ammonia, cyanides, benzol, and toluol are restored as by-products. The ovens are heated from outside by burning of partof the gas gotten in coking. No air has experience of thevolatile matter burning it and destroy the by-products, as well as the latterare divided from 1 another in an appropriate recoverybulletin138unit

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Image from web page 346 of “The London, Edinburgh and Dublin philosophical mag and journal of technology” (1840)
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Identifier: londonedinburg5441897lond
Title: The London, Edinburgh and Dublin philosophical mag and log of technology
12 Months: 1840 (1840s)
Topics: Technology
Publisher: London : Taylor & Francis
Including Library: Smithsonian Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Biodiversity History Library

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There isn’t any trouble in making a cardboard model of theprincipal components and Ihe circular areas of this quadric.The ellipses can be drawn due to the ordinary technical deviceor by elliptic trammels. In the event that latter are not available it willbe likely found more fast and precise setting straight down thecurves on squared report through following tables (p. 320). Fisr. 2.

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320 Mr. J. H. Vincent on variations and Diagrams to Ellipsoid of Elasticity. Man by XO Y airplane: by ZOX jet : by ZOY jet. X. V- &. z. y- z. 000 4-00 o-oo 6-00 0-00 6-00 1-00 3-77 0-50 5-92 0-50 5-95 1-98 3-00 1-00 5-66 1-00 5-81. 200 2-93 1-50 5-20 1-50 5-56 2-00 2-00 1-66 5-00 2-00 5-20 2-90 1-00 2-00 4-47 2-21 5-00 3-00 0-00 2-24 4-00 2-50 4-68 2-60 3-00 2-98 4-00 2-83 2-00 3-00 3-97 2-96 1-00 3-46 3-00 3-00 000 3-503-773-944-00 2-912-001-00 o-oo FresneVs Wave Suiface.The volumes a, b, c into the equation the typical type in which equation is met with, tend to be to betaken proportional to your reciprocals of /j,:, /x2, yu.3. This willbe the situation if a, b, c are usually proportional in to the figures 4, 3, 2.A design or drawing illustrating this surface will show theproperties of a body whose ellipsoid of elasticity gets the sameshape as that constructed overhead. Fig. 4 shows many curves which are the areas ofthe area by airplanes parallel on XOY jet. If z = 0the sectional curves are

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Image from web page 241 of “Physiology, health insurance and sanitation, a primary textbook of physiology, with unique interest provided to health insurance and sanitation” (1919)
Image by online Archive Book Images
Identifier: physiologyhygien00heiz
Title: Physiology, hygiene and sanitation, an elementary textbook of physiology, with special interest given to hygiene and sanitation
12 Months: 1919 (1910s)
Writers: Heizer, W. L. (W. Lucien), b. 1880
Subjects: Physiology Hygiene Sanitation
Publisher: Louisville, Ky., C.T. Dearing Printing Co., Incorporated
Adding Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

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ow energy. The bloodcapillaries carry particular body wastes to these thousands oftiny glands within the system including pour away a fluid,the sweat or perspiration, which contains waste materialsfrom the cells. By this step, heat related to human anatomy isregulated. Heat Regulation from the System. During hefty workout,as in operating, boxing, hoeing, or plowing, more temperature is pro-duced to the bloodstream by explanation associated with the fast oxidation in thebody cells. Nature, at a time, delivers the bloodstream in to the skinto be cooled by experience of the atmosphere. The sweat glands helpby pouring away across area the human body a {isweat.This evaporates quickly to the air $ nd the blood is 240 PHYSIOLOGY, HYGIENE AND SANITATION cooled, like environment about a house is cooled bysprinkling the lands with liquid. During cold temperatures, the bloodstream can be chilled andit is needed to truly save temperature. The stressed systemsends out a note towards little arteries under theskin to agreement therefore the bloodstream is necessary out from the

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A A Fig 121.—Section of epidermis showing (A) hairs. (B)Sebaceous glands. area about the body in to the further cells by which it mayretain its temperature. Thus it really is, that in hot or winter,during a time period of rest or exercise, the human body temperature is held atone additionally temperature. In health the body temperature ismaintained at 98 3/5° F. Sickness and Body Temperature. During infection oftenthe temperature related to body achieves 103 or 104°. Oxida-tion is fast and skin fails using its task of maintaining aneven heat. Anyone will be said to have afever. YOUR SKIN 241

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