In the Heights On the View

January 6th, 2012

So turn up the stage lights, we’re takin a flight to a couple days in the life of what it’s like, En Washington Heights!
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Various testimonials from students attending Glacier Aviation Flight school in Olympia Washington with some local flying footage. The Premier Flight School in Washington State. Visit us on the web at http

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27 Responses

  1. spooky2315 says:

    omg i went to go watch? this it was awesome

  2. darrius15 says:

    Man I wish I was in the studio that day to get free tickets lol I never seen the show live yet? 🙁

  3. RosesNightengales says:

    @freshman06 agreed. This would be one of the movies I would watch? over and over again.

  4. cdoodles92 says:

    @freshman06 A movie is in production? right now!!!!

  5. chellsterr says:

    @TooBeautylicious its would be great if the original cast was in it, but since kenny ortega is directing it, he’s probably gonna be putting some? fruity disney stars in it.

  6. amber222cute says:

    @nyvalley15 actually, Corbin was AMAZING as Usnavi. not? as amazing as Lin, but definitely a close second in my opinion.

  7. FanAlanna says:

    I can’t wait for the film, more people need to see this show! ALSO I’m trying to win tickets to see ‘In The Heights’ in Hershey PA, can you click this link to vote for me? thanks! … W? W W dot BE IN THE HEIGHTS dot COM slash alannaw

  8. SnakeEyes259 says:

    I mean Phantom of the Opera at the end of the day is about an ugly songwriter who can’t get people? to notice him I was like “That’s ME!”

  9. SnakeEyes259 says:

    Phantom of the Opera, at the end of the day is about and ugly songwriter who can’t get? people to notice him, and I was like THAT’S ME!

  10. TooBeautylicious says:

    since it is Lin’s whole creation, they’d better give him complete rights on casting. I know that he wouldn’t cast it with hollywood crap-tors. They should get the original? broadway cast. That would be unbelievably perfect!!! just a thought…

  11. dominicanmami02 says:

    @jenniferfeliciano66 wait…their making the in the? heights movie a disney production??
    shake my damn head!!!

  12. dominicanmami02 says:

    @nyvalley15 Yeah im like super upset? that I didn’t get to see it with him in it.
    I just hope hes in the movie version.

  13. nyvalley15 says:

    im so happy i saw it with Lin it was amazing. I dont think corbin would? have did it justice

  14. futuresuperstar4life says:

    he is the most adorable person ever! his reactions to the prizes were? just so cute

  15. lilgansta40 says:

    @freshman06 Productions for the movie start early next year!!! Kenny Ortega is directing it and Lin-Manuel is Usnavi for the movie!?

  16. 1LoveBeba says:

    I saw the show and it was reallllyyyy? good….must see (: …..well I saw it this past summer, it was with Corbin Bleu, I think Corbin did a way better job

  17. 1LoveBeba says:

    I saw the show and it was reallllyyyy good….must? see (:

  18. jenniferfeliciano66 says:

    @RockStarHouseBand lets pray i didn’t!?

  19. RockStarHouseBand says:

    @jenniferfeliciano66 don’t? be jinxing it!

  20. jenniferfeliciano66 says:

    @freshman06 no. most likely it’ll be disney. they ruin? everything

  21. cabeyx33 says:

    i love how at 1:40 all you can hear is janet dacal? 🙂

  22. notyouraveragething says:

    Is it me or when Lin runs behind the counter he goes the wrong way then starts dropping a bunch of stuff? understandable…there is like noo room on? that stage

  23. rustymente says:

    As fun as flying is! Watch out for Mazzei Flying Service, located in Fresno, CA.
    The Owner/operator likes to kick/Pick on people when they are down, because he can be a? narcissitic/Dictator.

  24. 636Castle says:

    Any chance you guys could post? some videos on your 152/172s?

  25. swaggonhomeboy says:

    dO ii need? a H.S diploma or GED to be in that school?

  26. straighttailpilot says:

    its awesome i? can fly low. nothing beats it, i can fly low and slow take in the view, not stuck in an office, You know VERTICAL! and i can spend 11500 bucks on my training for private pilots only. lol. flying helicopters is the bomb but its sooo expensive

  27. tankerboysabot says:

    @GlacierAviation does? your school accept the GI Bill?

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