Is The Government Spying On Schizophrenics Enough?

February 28th, 2012

In The Know: Panelists discuss ways to care for the nation’s paranoid schizophrenics, such as hiding cameras in their homes or audio transmitters in their ears. More coverage at:
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WEBSITE: 3 Branches of Government

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  1. didgmanofdogwood says:

    Just when I was getting use to the fact that this is BAT country….thanks. For? a minute I actuall thought this was serious.

  2. scallywag1312 says:

    @Page5081 This is a joke and schizophrenics could hardly be measured on having symptoms triggered due to this joke. Oddly enough, mainstream media wouldn’t even go into details about schizophrenic characteristics so this is in a strange way informative.
    Everything aside, you? shouldn’t be watching the Onion because you’re too serious of a person to view this, and if you continue to watch the Onion knowing that, then you’re an idiot.

  3. Page5081 says:

    @trailerparkboysucks I have been living with an unmedicated paranoid schizophrenic for 30 years. Have you? That is how I arrived at my opinion. What is idiotic about it?? Please explain. I would love to know.

  4. trailerparkboyssucks says:

    @Page5081? You’re an idiot

  5. iKickComputers says:

    This hilarious! Insensitive, possibly destructive, but still hilarious.
    Nothing is off limits? to the Onion.

  6. Page5081 says:

    I realize society accepts? the making fun of people with illnesses. However, when people with paranoid schizophrenia watch this, it could exacerbate the symptoms of the disease. This video can trigger a sick person into psychosis. This is not funny. To those who wonder, this is NOT TRUE.

  7. FreelanceProgrammer says:

    What happened to Clifford Banes?? The people want to know!

  8. jorgebassmaster22 says:

    LOL Which statues don’t love them? anymore XD

  9. Hockeysktr17 says:

    Where is Clifford Banes??

  10. xXxLiLPikeyxXx says:

    I briefly considered sending this? to my ex-girlfriend, who is a schizophrenic.

  11. justin70108 says:

    @IhateMEXILANA i am a shamanic schitzophrenic,? i see things that th normal would not, i’m gonna watch this video also ii hi

  12. ebainric says:

    have voices in their ears… dont they already have? enough voices in their heads?

  13. swiyyahnm says:

    Are they serious? Or is this a joke? Camera’s following us around? No way. Many schizophrenics are? not suicidal like myself and most schizophrenics are not violent unless there’s drugs or alcohol involved. We are people too. And many people that have a mental illness see’s themselves as? normal.

  14. MrJeffmurphy says:

    @justin70108 I’ve been through alot…is saw people shape shift…I? actually saw an air force jet land in the middle of the street…you talking about something that can freek you out..I’ ve had what felt like people touching me….then i had the typical things like hearing voices. The voices were all people i knew, and they were telling me that they hated me; and, they wanted me to kill people… was crazy..the people who made this video don’ t know the half…..

  15. washingtoncircus says:

    rot in hell congress?

  16. washingtoncircus says:

    rot in hell? congress

  17. STOWE61209 says:

    LOVE IT!?

  18. U2XM202 says:

    Someone should forward? this to Charles Schumer.

  19. JendayiHamilton says:

    Yea…Congress is? a circus lol.

  20. jubjub444 says:

    yea they’re? all clowns!

  21. IdentNone says:

    @Laughingblades At least we’ve? all got free tickets to the show!

  22. DieHarder4ever says:

    @americanIDOLfan11111 Yes yes yes.? In fact, every primary, look for more freedom, liberty and constitutional politician. Just like Dr. Paul

  23. bellahorse2010 says:

    Watched? this at school to



  25. americanIDOLfan11111 says:


  26. FierceTiaChanel says:

    baha,? look at their noses 🙂

  27. sasgrl121 says:

    these school house rock videos are super lame but it really helps? me

  28. Ps3capt says:

    yeah government really is like a circus, isnt? it?

  29. hazag27 says:

    mr menage is cool?

  30. hazag27 says:

    this? is really cool

  31. gunfire60 says:

    that was gay?

  32. Laughingblades says:

    Gonna have a three ring circus some day, owned by corporations and banks oh hey, gonna have a three ringed circus some? day, treasonous politicians selling our country away, oh hey, gonna have supreme court, custom stocked by banks, gonna have a senate, own by CEO’s, and an executive office as ceremonial as the queen of England yeah!

  33. LOTR4ever1 says:

    I love? the Ringmaster’s moustache….very beast

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