Jan Lokpal bill and Government’s Lokpal bill – What is the difference?

November 12th, 2011

Recently, Government of India has introduced in the Parliament the Lokpal bill, to address the corruption issues. The activists of India Against Corruption movement do not accept this Lokpal bill, as it does not meet their expecations. They have also prepared a Jan Lokpal bill. Dr Bhavana Upadyaya, an activist of India Against Corruption movement, explains the important differences between the Government’s bill and their Jan Lokpal bill.
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A collection of violent anime scenes with an Anti-Flag song
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  1. TheMacho357 says:

    really good info now i understood what os the major difference

  2. muthushiv says:

    @hraulia0 In India, certain policies are not in place. in-fact there is no policy in place in many crucial issues. They were avoiding policies. There is no vigilance in the society. Look at the way our PMr and President were being chosen by Sonia Gandhi. Both of them were not elected, but hand picked. It is happening at the whims and fancies of one person. Another example is our biotechnology bill which hardly collected any information from the farmers of India on their problems.

  3. tamillion1 says:

    i searched for info on this.. most of them are in hindi.. as tamil (sri lankan tamil) i have no clue what is is about.. now i understood… I really hope this bill will be passed soon.. and fight corruption..

  4. dhanavi says:

    Excellent Information with clarity

  5. hraulia0 says:

    Lokpal Bill is nothing more than labor law disputes about how to manage the system.In fact,All the Government and Private sectors have policy and procedures in place for century.It is the will of office how to raise business of their department.Imposing personal instruction by Civil Society or Government makes no difference.Both versions shows no solution of corruption.It’s funny how long Anna have been protesting and how much more time We people will make fool of ourselves.

  6. freedomfighterguy1 says:

    @BigBuddhar Ninja Scroll and movie called Ghost In The Shell.

  7. BigBuddhar says:

    @Neane1993 ah thx πŸ˜€

  8. Neane1993 says:

    @BigBuddhar That looks like the X/1999 Movie.

  9. Neane1993 says:

    @sallyandclay1 It’s the Neon Genesis Evangelion Movie End of Evangelion.
    Watch it here: watch?v=IPRxtCitK28
    And then if you want to know more about the characters, watch the the tv series. πŸ™‚

  10. BigBuddhar says:

    @sallyandclay1 looks like neon genesis evangelion to me

  11. BigBuddhar says:

    what´s the anime at 0:50 ?

  12. sallyandclay1 says:

    whats the anime at 0:25

  13. natkicksass says:

    holy fuck last time i saw this was like 8 years ago!

  14. Deflecto3 says:

    This is awful…

  15. WarrenEdwardBuffet says:

    @MurNothingness Rouronin Kenshin

  16. MurNothingness says:

    The begining mad me laugh. πŸ™‚
    I thought this video was nicely put together, and the music, for some reason, made me think it was really funny…
    Good job!

    Oh, and please tell me. What anime is at 2.53?

  17. DjFuBBy says:


  18. TwoToeTea says:

    :53 ??

  19. TheAlquir says:

    @eZkobuto it’s an OVA series, hope u like it.

  20. eZkobuto says:

    0:37 – 0:43 i know its ryu ronin kenshin bur is it a movie or an ova?

  21. odiulises1 says:

    oye diganme kuel es ese anime xfa????

  22. marcin246813579 says:

    anyone know the? name of the one shown @ 2:23 ?

  23. 5ghgh says:

    I fucking love this

  24. andresdrk says:

    @RstandsforRated It’s called X or X clamp…I think is the movie.

  25. RstandsforRated says:

    Anime 0:50, what’s that?

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