Let’s Play Fallout 3 (GOTY) Part 6 – Serving Up a Dish

April 24th, 2012

Hey guys! In this episode of Let’s Play Fallout 3, we go into the museum of technology and find the satellite dish! then we put it on top of the Washington Monument!
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23 Responses

  1. 1megaguirus says:

    32:12 giant spookman ?

  2. bob11685 says:

    WAKE? UP

  3. RuthenicPond09 says:

    i want to slap you with a? dictionary…

  4. jloganb577 says:

    80…?? Try 30…

  5. CrazyBrickFilms says:

    Thank you! That was like the best? comeback ever. You really are awesome, RedPanda.

  6. russiandudeify says:

    the super mutants were a freak accident from sum radiation research from the other fallout stories and games and shit…. how they? get so many numbers is that the original ones dipped any captives in sum weird ass radioactive stuff…. there now ya know

  7. russiandudeify says:

    DUDE WHY YOU BUY NO AMMO!?!?!??!?! I’m sorry but its pissing? me off WHEN YOU SEE AMMO TAKE IT!!!! it WILL SAVE YOUR GODDAMN LIFE!!!

  8. makelogin300 says:

    “Can? we go now?”
    “NO!!!I’M LEARNING!!!”

  9. brentw213 says:

    great video love the commentary. Dont? worry about what these people say just play the game how you want, thats what i would do.

  10. RedPandaGamer says:

    learn to spell then? you can insult me! K? Bye!

  11. ModernWarfare3xXx says:

    idiot wy? didnt u pick up the minigun

  12. ModernWarfare3xXx says:

    ur stapid u nether search the lockers and draws? and stuff wtfman

  13. JittersCaffeine says:

    This game really benefits from specializing. Putting a few points in EVERYTHING when you level is just going to make the? game harder because you won’t qualify for the feats you need.

  14. JittersCaffeine says:

    Have you really not played Fallout 1 or 2?? Cause you kill the leader of the Super Mutants in Fallout 1. But Super Mutants are people who were kidnapped and dipped into vats of the Forced Evolutionary Virus (FEV) by the Master and were turned into monsters.

  15. JittersCaffeine says:

    You can do like the first 2 chapters of the Survival Guide at level 2 no problem, don’t? really know what you’re aversion is.

  16. JittersCaffeine says:

    when you hack a computer, you’re trying to find the “password” so to speak.? When you choose a word, it tells you how close that word is to being correct. It’s super convoluted and I hate it.

  17. shelpop123 says:

    how do u? hack ??? i dont get it o.o

  18. rollymaster16 says:

    jumping off the big? dick (aka monument) that is one of the reasons i will not play consoles

  19. DistortedMachine says:

    You apologize a lot in your Let’s Play videos. You’re very kind and attentive to the audience you attract. I respect that. I’m looking forward to more of? your videos in the future.

  20. conventrixx says:

    This guys opinion? on best pony is clearly twilight sparkle.

  21. HelioTrice says:

    His leg actually just randomly fell off at 44:15 actually, bloody mess wold have made all limbs explode not? fall off:P

  22. Hotdogknight409 says:

    wen this came out my cousin got it and i wuz like 11 and i had a whole bunch of caps and wen it came? to buying stuff i got stingy and i tried to steal their stuff so i didnt hav to pay for it 😀

  23. sinovera says:

    lol “turpent-een… or turpent-ine” I had the? exact same problem with that word 😛

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