New Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental First Test Flight 20 March 2011

March 14th, 2012

New Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental First Test Flight 20 March 2011 – Take-off at Washington and very nice, smooth landing in Seattle. The new Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental is now ”The Queen of The Skies” The newest version of the iconic Boeing 747 made its inaugural flight after years of hard work from thousands of Boeing engineers, mechanics and technicians, in partnership with aerospace suppliers around the world. “What a great privilege to be at the controls of such a great airplane on its first flight,” said Captain Mark Feuerstein, the 747-8 chief pilot. “And what an honor to share this day with the thousands of men and women who designed and built this airplane.” While the 747-8 Intercontinental retains the recognizable hump at the front of the fuselage, the airplane is 18 feet (5.6 meters) longer than its predecessor. It sports a new, more aerodynamic wing, a cleaner, quieter, and more fuel-efficient engine and a host of cutting-edge technologies. ADAM6145- Please like, comment and subscribe! for more aviation videos. 🙂
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We took of from Sussex Airport (FWN) at near gross weight in the Cessna 172 Skyhawk and headed east toward the Hudson. No sooner did we reach cruising altitude that it was time to start descending again to duck beneath the Newark class B airspace. We made a 90 degree right turn onto the Hudson and proceeded over the George Washington Bridge southbound at 1000 feet on the Jersey side. We continued southbound past Jersey City and the Statue of Liberty. Then we made a turn to the left and crossed the Hudson toward Brooklyn. We flew south over Brooklyn to see the area we live in and then proceeded around Coney Island and around Brooklyn one more time. Then we crossed over the Verrazano Narrows Bridge and headed northbound on the Hudson. After crossing over Governor’s Island we continued up the Hudson on the Manhattan side passing the financial district and ground zero. Soon Chelsea Piers and the Empire State Building dominated the view. Beyond that we could see Times Square and Central Park. Further north we saw Yankees Stadium and the Throgs Neck Bridge. Once far enough to the north we climbed and turned westbound to head directly to Lincoln Park airport where we had lunch. We returned to Sussex via Sparta VOR from Lincoln Park.
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19 Responses

  1. Whitewyle says:

    @ADAM6145 I prefer? the 737-200 🙂 but I like more airbus because of the cockpits

  2. zackis480 says:

    That is a GREAT looking plane. I would love to fly that plane, in those colors also. I saw it take off a couple months ago and wow? was great to see take off over Seattle.

  3. rubikfan1 says:

    if? they want to beat airbus, they should make a triple deck airplane lolz

  4. falkowiegandt says:

    I watched it on Boeing’s webcast. Just? amazing!

  5. ADAM6145 says:

    @LegoAir Yeah, me too. I think the A380 is a great aircraft, its just i think the 747-8 looks more… u know? like speedy and streamline.
    and thanks 🙂

  6. gelutze says:

    @fshlps to test the? gear!

  7. leonzav says:

    @superfsxtutorials it was a really thin runway, he wasnt high. thin runways always give the illusion? that you are high when in reality you arent

  8. leonzav says:

    @Baldorad its not a dumb question,? you dont need to be approved to fly there byt some special permit. like, soarbird134 said, you can fly there with out talking to any radar service stations or approach controls, but to be safe you should. all you need to do is contact one of the approach frequencies or one of the towers ( depending where youre coming from) and you should be on your way flying next to the buildings

  9. aviationplanet says:

    Good video!?

  10. SoarBird134 says:

    @wero8a1 Just rental cost for the? plane.

  11. wero8a1 says:

    How much did you paid for? this flight? or it was a private??
    Greetings and thanks for share this

  12. XxM141oSPTNxX says:

    You can see my? house when flying over coney island 😀

  13. SoarBird134 says:

    @ka1rtw Not as tightly controlled as you might think. I could do all my VFR flying without even? talking to anyone if I want to. But I usually am. It’s very rare that I am denied radar services or have any trouble.

  14. ka1rtw says:

    Thanks for a look at “the city”. ? Got my ticket in 2002 and live in Maine. Have always wanted to fly that corridor, but don’t care much for flying anywhere near that tightly controlled airspace.

  15. superfsxtutorials says:

    To be honest, you were a little high on your approach.?

  16. Depdawg09 says:

    Very? nice.

  17. 33minnesotatwins says:

    boy I bet it is pretty cool to stare the Empire State Building in the? face!!

  18. 210482fmj says:

    @SoarBird134? It’s wise to do spin recovery training though i would of thought.

  19. SoarBird134 says:

    @210482fmj Not really. You don’t even have to do? spins for private pilot training. Just straight ahead and turning stalls (with and without power).

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