February 1st, 2012

Some cool Obama images:

Image by loop_oh
Part of a Barack Obama poster.

Obama ’08
Image by AlexJohnson
Florida has Obama girls too! These volunteers were picking Obama Fellows up at Ft. Lauderdale airport for their training in Tamarac FL

Obama wins!
Image by birdfarm
Students at Spelman College celebrate on TV just seconds after the announcement that Obama had won…

Congressman John Lewis, who was born to sharecroppers and led the way across that bridge in Selma on "Bloody Sunday" (read his full bio here), said this on CNN:
"It’s unbelievable that we have come such a distance in such a short time… America is a different nation, a better nation. We’re different people. We are a better people. We are prepared to lay down our dark past and look to a bright future. In spite of all our problems, we are prepared to come together and follow a man of hope, a man of vision, who can take us to a place where we recognize and respect the dignity and the worth of all our fellow citizens."

Later he added,

"During the height of the Civil Rights Movement I never thought, I never dreamed, that I would live to see that an African-American would be president of the United States…We were just trying to bring down those signs that said ‘white men,’ ‘colored men,’ ‘white women,’ ‘colored women’…."

"We have witnessed a transformation of American politics and it will have unbelievable influence on the politics of the world…"

We are all in shock… everyone I know seems to be texting and IMing each other "omg… omg… omg!" We all hoped and prayed… but we couldn’t believe that it could really happen… We all expected disappointment.

But for once… we didn’t get what we expected… we got more than we could dare to hope for. I have no doubt that there were all kinds of efforts to rig and fix this election, to suppress voter turnout and intimidate people away from the polls. But they didn’t succeed.

Somehow, we were bigger and better than that. For once! For once, we were bigger and better than all the fears and nastiness and suspicion and pettiness. For once we lived up to what we learned about in school… all those nice ideals that we learned to sneer at and secretly mourn.

There will be plenty of time for disillusionment and disappointment when we see what limitations there may be to what can be achieved in the real world. But still, everything, everything, everything is different. Everything!

I’m going down to the teacher store tomorrow and buy that set of portraits of the last 43 presidents. I never put them up in my classroom because it always irritated me to see so graphically portrayed the nature of power of this country. But tomorrow I’m gonna get them, just so I can put Obama’s portrait at the end.

Dear friends around the world…. for once we came through for you, for us and for you. Maybe tomorrow when you wake up you will feel, too, that maybe things will be different. Maybe we can all dare to hope. Let’s find out what happens next…

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