Obama Independents and the 2004 Presidential Election

April 21st, 2012

Check out these Obama images:

Obama Independents and the 2004 Presidential Election
Image by Third Way
Nearly half of all Obama Independents were not Democratic voters in 2004.

President Obama won more swing Independents than Sen. McCain in 2008. McCain Independents were primarily Bush voters in 2004, but Obama Independents are more complex. Nearly half were not Kerry voters in 2004—31% voted for Bush or someone else, and 17% didn’t vote.

These graphics are from our recent report, "2012 Showdown: Battle for the Obama Independents."

2008 exit poll data reveals startling new findings. Many analysts lump all Independents together, when in fact there are two very distinct groups of Independent voters: those who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 (“Obama Independents”) and those who voted for John McCain (“McCain Independents”). The Obama Independents are the real heart of the contest for 2012. If President Obama wins the bulk of the Obama Independents, he’ll be reelected; but if the Republican nominee can peel off enough votes, he’ll be number 45.

The full report is available here: www.thirdway.org/publications/485

Image by Muhammad ??????
U.S. President Barack.
Obama (L) and Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak participate in.
an arrival ceremony at Quba Palace in Cairo June 4, 2009. Obama.
was in Egypt on Thursday to deliver an address that will be crucial.
to his efforts to repair U.S. ties with the Muslim world. REUTERS/Larry.

Obama buttons
Image by Kate Sherrill
A sampler of buttons made by John in Washington state

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