Obama Plan Helps Bank Fraud at Taxpayer Expense

November 19th, 2011

A new proposal by the Obama Administration is supposed to help homeowners facing foreclosure but The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur shares the dirty details. Read more here: www.huffingtonpost.com The Young Turks on Current TV: current.com The Largest Online New Show in the World. Google+: www.gplus.to Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com Support TYT for FREE: bit.ly
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  1. occupytheworld22 says:

    Occupy everywhere

  2. SummerInTahoe says:

    Change..what change?? LMAO.

  3. ForeclosureMD says:

    a true sale was never performed into the securitized pool

  4. ForeclosureMD says:

    Obama can’t help, but we will. ww w. StopForeclosure .LA or call us a 888 ***255***9999

    You must sue the bank to prove they do not have standing in order to foreclose. End of story…you must be able to prove it with evidence. A securitization audit will show the lien was never perfected, a true sale was performed into the securitized pool. Visit us and ask your questions. Become informed and then take action. Upside down or in foreclosure. You do not have to be late to defend yourselves

  5. raiseup151z says:

    @wynduu2 yeah right your living in disneyland if you don’t realize. Also, he is not just sitting around go check out wolf-pac.com

  6. wynduu2 says:

    Ever since Cenk started to bash Obama repeatedly I stopped watching TYT. Now I just wanted to let them know that I will be unsubscribing from the show on youtube and on facebook. Cenk just make me sick now. I can’t stand him anymore. If he leaves TYT I will come back again. President Obama is doing the best he can under the circumstances and it just irritates me when someone like this just sits around and point out what is wrong in an unfair way. So goodbye.

  7. luvcheney1 says:

    @barsense There are 2.1 million WalMaert employees. If we fire the evil high paid CEO, and give all his wages to the employees, this is the math: $35 MILLION DIVIDED BY 2.1 MILLION= $16.67 A YEAR, PER EMPLOYEE, or $16.67 DIVIDED BY 12 MONTHS = $1.38 PER MONTH EXTRA. You are the one who stated WalMart has low profit,, because the CEO got paid a lot! Remember? CEO`s wages are .000083 of revenue. If you spent $100 at walmart, his wages are less than a penny. 8/10ths of one cent. His wage is nothing

  8. barsense says:

    @luvcheney1 lOL, 1.6 MILLION a year per employee comes up to over 769.00 an hour.

    You need to take some serious math tutoring or just stop attempting to do Math .

  9. luvcheney1 says:

    A week is wrong, it was a month. I stated it correctly first. 2 million walmart employess getting 35 million dollars is only 17.5 dollars a year, or 1.38 a month. YOU think his salary is too big. So what? With a 400 bill corp, its nothing at all.

  10. barsense says:

    @luvcheney1 LOL even worse you actually quoted 1.38 a week not an hour. I begin to feel sorry for you as I believe you must be severely mentally challanged , 1.6 million each each year comes up to over 769.00 an hour not 1.38 a week. I shall waste no more time responding to your foolishness. Goodbye , I wish you well but you really need some help.

  11. barsense says:

    @luvcheney1 Divide 35 million between 2.1 million employees each year and that is close to 1.6 million for each employee each year. I am being really generous here in light of your totally unbelievably ridiculous statement regarding 1.38 an hour by even bothering to respond, but it comes up to at least 769.23 an hour if the employee worked a full 52 weeks at 40 hours every week.

  12. luvcheney1 says:

    @barsense Nice try! Explain how not having a CEO, and giving $1.38 a week to each WalMart employee changes anything for the better.

  13. barsense says:

    @luvcheney1 I have earned everything that I have, I am sure that you have not.

  14. eastariel says:

    Obomba, you’re like a backwards Santa Claus. You buy yourself? gifts with other people’s money.
    Close that bomb closet! Those aren’t your toys.

  15. luvcheney1 says:

    @barsense Except I didnt do anything at all to earn it. Are you familiar with the concept of “earning”?

  16. barsense says:

    @luvcheney1 35 million clear profit is a lot of money, bet you wished you had that. LMAO

  17. luvcheney1 says:

    @barsense Excuse me? $35 million back into profit makes it 1624 million in profit, from $1639 million in profit. Revenue was 421 BILLION. 35 million isnt anything. WalMart has 2.1 million employees. If we gave every penny to WalMart employees, each one would get $1.38 a month more. Of course, nobody would be running the company.

  18. barsense says:

    @luvcheney1 As usual your math sucks, at 35 million back in stupid and you have 35 million more profit.

  19. luvcheney1 says:

    @barsense OK, lets look! 2010 WalMart has $421.9 Billion revenue. If his salary is $35 mill, thats .000083 of revenue. WM net profit was $16.389 bill. If we put $35 mill back on, net WOULD be $16.424 bill instead. WalMart profit was 3.8846%, and if we pay that horrible man zero, it would be 3.893%. Hey stupid, dont you have a fucking calculator? I suggest you go to WalMart, and buy one. They dont make shit, any way you calculate it.

  20. barsense says:

    @luvcheney1 LMAO Walmart CEO Michael Duke’s $35 million salary, when converted to an hourly wage, worked out to $16,826.92. By comparison, at a Walmart store planned for the Windy City’s Pullman neighborhood, new employees to be paid $8.75 an hour would gross $13,650 a year. And industry average after tax profit after paying ceo’s multi-million dollar salaries is 3.38% but let’s look at the profIt BEFORE paying multi-million dollar salaries to ceo’s. LOL

  21. luvcheney1 says:

    @barsense Explain WalMart`s 3.8% after tax profit? Theyre famous for low wages. Suppose labor is free somewhere (just pretend). A lot of greedy corporations will open factories there, make a lot of money? Yes? Other greedy will want to get rich too, and more and more will keep coming, as long as huge profit is there. Then the market saturates with production, the oversupply puts pressure for corps to cut prices, to maintain marker share, soon profit normal again. Lower cost ALWAYS passes through

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