Obama Ripped for Netanyahu Comments with Sarkozy

December 7th, 2011

The right is criticizing President Obama for his response to French President Nicolas Sarkozy regarding his comments on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the G20 summit in Cannes. The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur explains. www.reuters.com www.washingtonpost.com Subscribe to The Young Turks: bit.ly The Largest Online New Show in the World. Google+: www.gplus.to Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com

Join us now: my.barackobama.com President Obama lays out the agreement he reached with congressional leaders to meet our financial obligations and reduce our debt in a video to supporters.

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  1. antireagan says:

    well my zionist friend, lets see whos clueless in 5 years. just like ghaddafi in libya, arabs aided by the west would be unstoppable. not even aided, just not opposed by all of wealth and political capital of america. your loudmouth bitch netanyoyo better make a deal while he can. once the christian right is in too small a minority here, the colored majority is gonna start asking why we’re spending so much over there to push people off their own land.

  2. Mrpastry909 says:

    Jordan stole East Jerusalem after the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. They stole the entire West Bank. Look at the UN Partition Plan. It included Palestine and Jordan as two separate states. But Israel didn’t take all of the land designated for the Palestinians, so why was there no Palestine? Jordan. Egypt’s also to blame as well. After 1948 Egypt got imperialistic and grabbed Gaza, land it didn’t need.

  3. SomeOneFromOFS says:

    @Mrpastry909 just how Americans said to the Natives.

    We take it by the sword. Hypocrites.

  4. thj0201 says:

    any one who is pro democratic should be anti israel

  5. Gisela299 says:

    Do you need domething to smile now? 🙂


  6. Stickmodee says:

    @MyTemporaryAccount88 Suck SCenks dick., you useless liberal panty-waste. The facts are straight. SCenk IS an anti-semetic douchebag. That can be proven in a court of law. Go watch msnbc now.

  7. MyTemporaryAccount88 says:

    @Stickmodee Oh eat a dick. You know he’s not an anti-semite, but you just don’t like reality so you decided to be a useless whiny bitch who won’t learn the facts.

    Be right-wing or conservative or libertarian or whtvr the fuck all you want, but get the basic facts straight.

  8. Stevie68000 says:

    Jew = Economic destruction

    1. In 1998, Broosley Born ( white woman ) was chairman to the
    Commodity Future Trading Commission.

    2. She wanted to regulate the sub-primes mortgages market.

    3. 4 Jews went up against her. In 2008 these sub-prime mortgages exploded & thousands of Americans left homeless.

    4. The Jew are : Alan Greenspan, Robert Rubin, Larry Summers, Arthur Levitt

    5. Watch PBS programme on youtube : The Warning.

    6. Testimony to US Congress included.

  9. Stickmodee says:

    SCenk is an anti-semetic douchebag.

  10. Stevie68000 says:

    Enemy of Greece,?? Ireland,? Italy, Spain, Portugal,??&??? US -?Jew

    1.?Goldman?? Sachs?? CEO,? Lyold? Blankfein?-Jew

    2.?IMF Deputy? CEO,? John??? Lisky??-???Jew?

    3.?Ex? IMF? CEO, Dominic? Strauss-?Jew?

    4.?World?? Bank CEO, Robert? Zoellick-Jew?

    5.Ex? World Bank? CEO,??? James Woolfesen-Jew

    6.Fed Chairman,??? Ben? Bernanke-?Jew

    7.Ex Fed Chairman,? Alan?? Greenspan?-Jew

    8.Obama Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner-?Jew?

    9.?George Bush? Treasury??? Secretary,? Hank?? Paulson? -??Jew?

  11. cssftw100 says:

    Also, what’s wrong with Palestinians being accepted for Statehood and UNESCO recognition. Netanyahu said these actions were a call for war. Seriously if that’s not a deceitful liar, I don’t know what is.

  12. cssftw100 says:

    Perhaps Obama said it because he actually believes Netanyahu is a liar. It’s opinion, its not anti-semitism.

  13. Mrpastry909 says:

    East Jerusalem is part of Israel. Deal with it.

  14. groucho1943 says:

    I hate to spoil your fun. The Young Turk who narrates this video, Cenk Uygur, makes all the right facial right gestures and voice intonations, but the expression he uses, “occupied territories,” is inaccurate. The West Bank and Gaza Strip have never been an independent country that was occupied. They were taken by Israel from Jordan and Egypt in the war of 1967. They are thus more accurately described as “disputed territories.”

  15. Alldevouringsnail says:

    @DeepSouth16 no its because u r so immature u cant even debate with someone properly, either that or u hav no argument

  16. AbduCola says:

    Liar tells a liar that a liar is a liar

  17. DeepSouth16 says:

    @Alldevouringsnail – no i swear at you because i have no respect for you or any asshole like you, so again go fuck yourself you little worthless insignificant prick. gargle with acid and fucking rot

  18. Alldevouringsnail says:

    @DeepSouth16 i luv the way u think swearing is the answer ur obviously an immature idiot who watches fox news or a news channel like that and believes everything it feeds 2 the mindless people who listen clearly its you that noes nothing of history

  19. DeepSouth16 says:

    @Alldevouringsnail – oh they stole it huh? wow i love how pricks rewrite history. go fuck yourself know-nothing

  20. 101shitkid says:

    youtube search occupation 101 occupation 101 occupation 101

  21. 101shitkid says:

    watch occupation 101 occupation 101 occupation 101 occupation 101

  22. SomeoneNamedTom says:

    lets creep in a large office and make friction after lunch

  23. themau5trap2 says:

    “This has been a long and messy process. And as with any compromise, the outcome is far from satisfying”

    That’s what she said.

  24. anebturia says:

    I’m a Boomer. We Boomers (like Obama) have spent your money like drunken sailors. We approve of the youth vote to pay for our drunken spending. Meanwhile, we will retire and take it easy.

    From $100 billion to $15.3 Trillion in debt. We Boomers have left a proud legacy for our kids.

  25. BronsonKatz says:

    Press 3 to hear Obama smack his lips.

  26. killerduki says:

    dead and fear for illuminate

  27. MrCginn1 says:

    press 9 rapidly

  28. RamekGreen says:

    Reminds me of a dude in college who used to make goats tell time.

  29. R100ROSE says:

    …And that’s why the thick Spartan women are so important.

  30. wow4411 says:


  31. Gioxtream says:


  32. Gioxtream says:


  33. denice1012 says:

    Trick The Bridesmaid to get her to take it off LMFAO

  34. RonaldBlair says:

    Read my lips America- I am a FRAUD- I FORGED my birth certificate and used multiple SSN’s for real-estate scams- I am a dual citizen of Indonesia & the USA because my father was never a citizen- and YES alotta rich people have covered my CRIMINAL past- (it really was expensive but I paid them back with your stimulus money- I surround myself with people who tell me that I am doing a good job- Yes it’s TRUE- just GOOGLE “LARRY SINCLAIR” he will tell U about my criminal past that I tried to hide-

  35. JackCaliber says:

    Go to hell, you satan.

  36. ntnmk2 says:

    Down whit the Finance system !

  37. zebrpenguin2 says:


    Ron Paul 2012

  38. WheresBraveheart says:

    Seeing that huge red bar below the video gives me hope. Vote for the only congressman in US history to give up his congressional pension! Vote for Ron Paul! Ron Paul 2012!

  39. darkabyss93 says:

    Thumbs up if bad lip reading brought you here.

  40. Crymson1 says:

    Let’s creep through the frozen aisle and think one thought: trick the bridesmaid to get her to take it off. She’ll take the mushroom out; unzip the windflap and love, and you can’t go wrong.

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