Obama Want to be Global Thinkers

April 28th, 2012

Obama Want to be Global Thinkers

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According to the British “Daily Telegraph” reported on August 22, 2008 Obama campaign manager David Plouffe, wrote recently that his former boss in 2012 be re-elected do not care. For a long time, every politician wants to seize power, the president’s re-election campaign will make a plan several years ahead will be. But Obama did recently have hinted, he seems to really not care whether the re-election, perhaps he wants to be the next president, and then be a “global thinker.”

2008, elected the most classic moment in the history of American politics

Obama was elected president in 2008, created the American political history, the most classic moment. 2004 Senate election, he almost could not see any objection, even though he had no administrative experience. And even the White House, the challenge and pressure also. Obama running for president to win two reasons: the strength of his biography and his speeches before. There is no doubt that his withdrawal will make any surprise.

He has tired of politics

But now for Barack Obama, the ruling has become more difficult, there are signs that he was tired of politics. His interference in the so-called “mosque” problem is an example. In fact, this issue does not require his involvement in the “9.11” attack on the Islamic Community Centre Centre for the construction of the existence of multiple obstacles, there is no political advantage to Obama. His discourse is the lack of real sympathy with the Americans, only considered how to solve the problem, never mind revealing their political shortcomings.

There is no doubt that Obama certainly received a proposal for the holiday by attending church and often acts such as, closer contact with ordinary Americans. But Obama seems to prefer the secularists in accordance with European guidelines for action, as in Martha Vineyard vacation, to send his daughter to the United States the most advanced private school and so on. Obama did not fall into self-doubt, he always believed his own virtue, that it would not be illogical to question the motives of his element. Now, his discourse more and more people believe that those who do not share his point of view is foolish and paranoid.

Martha’s Vineyard last week before leaving, Obama took three days to raise campaign funds and support the Democratic candidate for mid-term elections. Milwaukee, he said: “Do not succumb to fear, let us hope.” This information has played a role, but this seems not working. The U.S. is in recession, the unemployment rate remains close to 10%, condemned Bush’s rhetoric began to gradually lose market.

Looking at the world after the United States as a “world citizen”

But Obama is still in top condition, many people still support him, he did not fall into the dirty political reality, and no annoying opponents. For Obama, his presidency is the most satisfying moment of speaking to foreign countries, in Strasbourg, France expression of America’s arrogance and contempt, in Cairo, the Muslim world reached out to the “olive branch”, in Norway to accept Nobel Peace Award.

2008 in Berlin, Obama portraying himself as a “citizen of the world.” He collapse of the “American exceptionalism” cornerstone discard the narrow patriotism, he thinks that we are living in the world after the United States. Few Americans see beyond their own president, but Obama may be one of them. In 2008, Obama is showing a dirty political campaign, the lack of interest.

Carried out with Hillary’s election to the difficult times, he almost withdrew from the Democratic primaries, so the time to decide; in the fight against McCain, he developed a campaign plan, and refused to deviate from the plan. Fortunately, McCain’s support in the polls plummeted, gave Obama a relatively comfortable victory. Obama is the first African-American U.S. president, a successful writer, multimillionaire, and outside the United States won the acclaim of the people.

Unlikely to give up the opportunity for re-election in 2012

It seems also not sure whether Obama will participate in the 2012 general election. “Daily Telegraph” in the Washington bureau chief said the man sitting in the Oval Office, ready to serve the world after the United States after the presidential role. While Obama is unlikely to give up the opportunity for re-election in 2012, but it is speculated that Obama’s post-American world in the post-presidential role is likely to be a global thinker, in a series of political compromises and the necessary arrangements, the Republican Party successor, will replace him in the White House.

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