Occupy Congress – J17 VIDEO

February 19th, 2012

These are the chronological events that took place on January 17th, 2012 by the Occupy Movement.Starting at the Capitol building, then proceeding to the Rayburn House Office Building. Marching up Constitution Ave to the Supreme Court Building then back down ending at the White House. This was filmed with a Canon 5d Markii and a Cannon 7d. Song by: Band Of Horses – The Funeral.
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  1. HabitualBongRip says:

    Twin, its me scrap… I was put on to? this video, you did a hell of a job bro… Awesome editing, perfect song, strong content…. Your on your way my brotha! Keep up the good work… Always, remember that you got an oscar winning actor right here whenever your ready to hit the big screen! lol = P

    I’m going to put my fam and friends on to this video..

  2. 0d0i0a0n0e0L0a0 says:


  3. SFitzgeraldVA says:

    I finally? got my blog up wherein I detail the events of this amazing day as I experienced them as a participating Occupier (I linked -and praised- your excellent video there. Check it out and see you all back in D.C. March 30!! There is a link to my blog on my youtube channel, just click on my username.

  4. MrMytake says:

    Note to Republicans: This movement isn’t going away. This country is not only about the rich, it never was. Unlike the racists and empty arguments from the Tea Party, this movement is real, addressing the real issues of inequality. We are being? robbed by Corporations and the Republican politicians that allow them to feast off the middle and working class. Keep up the fight Occupy!

  5. Sugarbleus says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!! TY ty ty tytytytyty…for making them, sharing them…They are SOOO encouraging and INVIGORATING..Motivation by any method is a good thing? šŸ™‚
    I DO LOVE my country; the land of my birth. It is with the distorted, criminal, corrupt, disinterested GOVERNMENT and it’s policies both within and abroad that I am UNhappy with…Go OCCUPIERS!! We so LOVE YOU ???

  6. OWSvideoproject says:

    Wonderful to watch such a heartfelt and artfully? filmed doc. renews hope and a sense of possibility!

  7. electricfemale says:

    This makes me cry with hope and happiness, so much love is pouring out of me for all. Thank you for standing up. And for those that do not or can not go, there are sites to sign petitions on line on sites such as ACLU. Even just being grateful for? the things we all have, even if it is just small things, brings love into the world to help heal it. I love you all.

  8. rimbaud108 says:

    Love? you all! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. reader642 says:

    Fellow Occupiers: check out my video? titled “Occupy vs. Top 1%” It’s a compilation of Occupy’s highest profile Mic Checks.


    If you want to get some results from a protest, the sign should read,” I WILL? NEVER FILE MY TAX RETURN AGAIN”. Damn right I went to jail that day. I was in the middle of the crowd and the police rush through the crowd just to get to me and arrest? me, FIRST. I was the most dangerous protester in that crowd just because my sign read,” I WILL NEVER FILE MY TAX RETURN AGAIN”. My friends, anywhere you occupy your signs most read these words. This will strike fear in within the belly of the IRS.

  11. SFitzgeraldVA says:

    @ElijahMob That? number was the BEGINNING of the day, moron. Reading comprehension not your strong suit, eh?

  12. SFitzgeraldVA says:

    google “occupy wall street” and “job? statistics.” 70 to 85 percent of us in OWS do have jobs you ignorant fuck.

  13. PirateHugger says:

    The governments of the world are the problem.? Not it’s people.

  14. JoelThedude4u says:

    I’m in this video? 6 times!!!!! Look at the Occupy Orlando flag at 1:49 and Vmask!!

  15. JoelThedude4u says:

    @thekaiser1231 Sir, I went to this march, and Washington DC is the most expensive city I’ve ever visited, I took a Jetblue plane there from Orlando, stayed a Howard Johnson hotel, 10 day vacation there, +went to Pennsylvania. Paid by my job, which I’ve always had. Not everyone is broke and homeless there.

    I followed my father’s steps, I do the same job my dad did, he didnt finish college,new house, 2 new cars,family of 5. But I rent, drive? a scooter, barely make end meet, Income Inequality

  16. awaretechno says:

    @thekaiser1231 If you want know who started it go to divinecosmos website ,? articles in the right column.

  17. SharkAttack521 says:

    @AntoDaboss How to? I get the shot quality grade?
    Please respond! I’m desperate!

  18. pinkypoo147 says:

    Like if you see Jeremy? Lin at 1:11

  19. skiensh says:

    @gameskunk296 yup im gonna buy it when the? stupid store decides to stock up on it so i wont have to worry about the rosters and ish šŸ˜€ cant wait

  20. jbquigley2010 says:

    what pick did you get? drafted?

  21. daBIGBOOMify says:

    FINALLY i found a good my? player series JUST FINALLY!

  22. thebutcher831 says:

    Hey Anto, keep up the vids man. You? are a BOSS!
    And you also earned a sub.

  23. MegaBigkid12 says:

    Been a fan for a year?

  24. TheXLGamer says:

    whats the name of the song at the? beginning of the match

  25. cocainmonster says:

    this game is not realistic.. still like your vids?

  26. TheDalerFootball says:

    I am a first time viewer, and your awesome man ! Keep it up ! you just got a sub ?

  27. gameskunk296 says:

    On my 2k12 the rookies are? in it because it was an update

  28. pancakeshoward21 says:

    been a fan for almost a year? great vids

  29. brandonbxp says:

    @Kcoop5953 He’s a 60 overall coming off the bench. he’s probably not playing on? pro like you do bud.

  30. brandonnance11 says:

    U got 2 hav online 2 hav all the rookies in da rookie showcase and download the updated roster from? nba 2day

  31. MPSBMarco says:

    hey man, wats the name of the? song?? Nice Channel +1 !!

  32. wwerulez360 says:

    You account really awesome subbed and i never stop subbing? thanks Antodaboss

  33. srvanjoy says:

    dude your gonna compete john wall for starting? position

  34. Kcoop5953 says:

    you? suck balls at this game how can you only have a C after a whole game you start with that grade my god your bad at this game

  35. sk8alien3721 says:

    dude i love? your vid quality its as good as chris smoove and i can tell you put a lot of work into it you deserve a lot more love than you get

  36. ISAIH2011HA says:

    ricky rubio but no kyrie? irving

  37. ertu12345678 says:

    you are amazing love your videos, they? help my in nba, i subscribed

  38. wlrus1 says:

    anyone catch the missed dunk? in the pregame highlights?

  39. iBarbsJr says:

    Love the vids? man

  40. ketsukya69 says:

    You’re great in every way? during your videos, you got my subscription pal. ^^

  41. giotosexy98 says:

    Can? someone tell me how to make video like this

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