Places to see in Washington DC?

April 30th, 2014

Question by emalriv: Places to see in Washington DC?
I will be vsiting Washington DC July 27 through August 1, 2012

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Answer by YemenTube
I would recommend all museums and memorials in the national mall:

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  1. EMTP_EJ says:

    I suggest you look at the info about DC at

  2. T says:

    Well, it depends on what you wanna see really, there is a thousand and one place in DC. I will list here the not so famous places that are really worth seeing.

    Besides the stuff you can see at the national mall, there is Madam Tussaud’s, if you are interested you can get the ticket at half price from their website.

    A hidden gem called Dumbarton Oaks which is a huge garden next to a small palace that you shouldn’t miss, it is found in Georgetown which is a big time shopping area and you can also see in Georgetown the only Stone house remaining in DC from the 18th century, in it’s original form !!

    The Holocaust memorial is worth visiting. which is a large museum of documentaries and pictures from the Nazi era.

    The Zoo is great and free like everything else by the Smithonian Institution but prepare yourself for a LOT of walking uphills in hot humid temperature.

    The National Cathedral is awesome but a little far away, north of Georgetown.

    The Eastern market is held on weekends to the East of Union station, besides the food you can buy, there are a lot of shops that sell handmade stuff, a little pricy but very good.

    Next to Dupont circle you can check out the Embassy row, which is a large street with a large number of embassies in it.

    Food wise:
    Don’t miss “Burrito brothers” it is right next to the Capitol hill, to the east.
    White tiger is a very good indian resturant, in Mass avenue, east of Union station.
    And of course the Cheese cake factory up north Next to mazza galleria in Friendship heights.

  3. >:D says:

    “T” has the best answer, I just wanted to mention GEORGETOWN. everyone loves it. its a huge road with shops but also a nice place to walk up and down and go out to eat. plus you can go kayaking there, or better, you can go pattle boating near the Lincoln Memorial.
    Have fun!

  4. farooq says:

    GeorgeTown is pretty good, see the white house, and the washington monument, and the space museum, hmm, go to a gogo lol, go to rock creek park, and dupont circle too, there is some cool stuff in downtown silver spring too, Technically thats maryland though but over here people just call montgomery county and PG county DC alot of the time lol, Hope you have fun, oh and whatever you do, Do NOT go to south east DC, northwest and some of north east are all you really want to check out trust me lol

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