Poll: Obama 48% – Paul 46%, CNN Baffled, Asks College Students Why Ron Paul?

February 8th, 2012

airing date jan.16, 2012 Poll: Obama %48 – Paul %46, CNN Baffled, Asks College Students Why Ron Paul?

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37 Responses

  1. MrInflateAdate says:

    “It’s not the people who vote that count.? It’s the people who? count the votes.” (Josef Stalin)

  2. 56designer says:

    So what he is old. What’s the obsession? with his age? As long as he can restore America I don’t care if he is 200 years old.

  3. TheFunnyscool says:

    i call bullshit there riggin ron more like ron won all of em lmao?

  4. Zhemesor says:

    God willing I will be writing in Dr. Paul. God Bless you all. Peace and Love.?

  5. Zhemesor says:

    Do yourselves a favor – Cross reference these? political videos here with the “leaked lumicorp training videos” (just type it in your YouTube bar) It’s interesting to note that a guy like Ron Paul fits in the “rogue candidate” protocol. So in the end a fair vote would probably produce a win for him but the challenge for us here is to make the election accountable and fair again. My guess is we won’t make it to November this year due to Martial law being declared. Pray everyone, I mean PRAY!

  6. python178 says:

    youth = internet media (independent media) users
    baby boomers = cnn/ fox watchers (brainwashed)

    but people are waking? up. its too late for big government. If he doest get elected there will be a revolution. we outnumber them by a rediculas amount. Be sure to register republican so you can vote for ron paul

  7. Dolphster69 says:

    write it in

  8. SkyRifter says:

    >I vote; RON PAUL for 2012 – or nobody at all

    It’s time we expose these BILDERBERG Bankster crooks for placing their candidates on us all as Our only choice we get.*(Once we prove the media wrong the entire stone Dam of their lies gets busted down.)-We finally unmask all? these MSNBC CNN FOX type liars once & for all.

  9. SkyRifter says:

    >MSNBC CNN FOX ABC CBS etc; All USING NEWT & ROMNEY AS Horror Puppets so we Retake
    Their Black Jesus Bilderberg owned Trojan horse idol Obama.
    -As long as he Black – Using the race card against? the voters – Nobody will ever ask the questions what Obama is doing, & has done at the end of DEC 2011 signing that paper he promised he would not sign = he’s betrayed us all. = we can’t trust him anymore.

  10. SkyRifter says:

    3:34 – Bilderberg’s Plan to KILL Ron’s campaign hinted in her voice (*-She thinks it’s funny.’)
    bitch. 4:06 – Default by Obama? = Our votes wont count.?? -she plants that mind seed.
    4:30 -Weird ass questions nobody cares about – little perv idealist she is.

    Her News Corps can continue CONTROL/plant false hopeless ideas into the minds of American? voters -It’s their Corp Bilderberg candidates or nobody = default Obama re-wins -who is signing away more + more of our American rights TSA style.’

  11. SkyRifter says:

    3:06 – Also Cynical of this CNN? Corp gal proof.*

  12. SkyRifter says:

    Also Ya see Just how Cynical the Cnn Lady is while asking the questions? -trying to stick words in their mouths -trying to plant seeds as if he’s a bad idea?

    -That CNN Lady doesn’t like him because she’s for the corps – Bilderberg owned ran Mainstream News station programs.
    2:24 -Proof.*
    (Her ‘Silver plater job? on the Line if she doesn’t LIE’ for all the corp enemies of American people in all these politics.)

  13. 5tranger says:

    @maklay416 im a Iranian/Canadian, pro Ron Paul and i must say your absolutely right but unfortunately American ppl are far from realizing the truth.?

  14. SkyRifter says:

    >Mitt Romney is BILDERBERG OWNED + So is? NEWT & I think soon we’re gonna find? Obama was also – a Trojan inside agent of CIA.

    -BILDERBERG Owned Candidates? – 1? Reason I Trust Ron PAUL?? – He Went on with
    ALEX Jones!

    No other Candidate is American enough to do such a thing. ‘-Think about that.’ -proof is all over youtube if you look.

  15. Spjungen says:

    @UFedward We? need him before WWIII. That’s more important. Because any one of thse other jokers will lead us, and the world, into it faster than you can say holy fucking shit.

  16. qkn30989 says:

    Nice to see some fair? treatment by the host.

  17. qkn30989 says:

    @zcg3 Yeah,? that bass was deep!

  18. qkn30989 says:

    @maklay416 I? feel the same way, all the way from Norway.

  19. marionetemanJ says:

    @zcg3 Do you know that Christianity is correct? The world around us reveals that G-d DOES exist, and the historical evidence reveals that Jesus Christ really did come to this earth and there is overwhelming evidence that? Jesus Christ really did physically rise from the dead. Jesus is coming again and the signs of the end times that were foretold in the Bible are coming to pass.

  20. ashwadhwani says:

    MADE IN INDIA? hiphop song for RON PAUL


    Working hard for? Paul, my pleasure, post this wherever you like, pass it on to hiphop lovers for sure

    Thx for? comment like/dislike

    RON PAUL 2012

  21. zcg3 says:

    The third kid sounds like he? has a good shot to be an announcer…

  22. QweenT says:

    Hahaha, don’t mess with Obama’s? Dougie–that part had me laughing hard out loud at work!!

  23. wallhackergotdammit says:

    America? -.-

  24. heheaw12 says:

    I love he included things that have happened during the year in made it? into 1 huge funny parody! !!

  25. meeeeechell90 says:

    I wish that politics actually worked like this, that the government did things just? for us Americans. But sadly, its not really about us.

  26. Arkayvideos says:

    Unfortunately a large portion of Americans would? probably understand this version better….

  27. jevindavisjob says:

    dang i can listen to this all day :D?

  28. tresdizz says:

    The? best!!

  29. Killerjosh89 says:


  30. sosadude1234 says:

    where did you get? pictures of Obama’s family

  31. hadiyarocks113 says:

    i am so weak!!!!!!!!! that? was funny to me

  32. chocolate9076 says:

    ???U…S…A??? = OBAMA

  33. mannyjunior79 says:

    do moves? like jagger or cat daddy

  34. xIIIpwnageIIIx says:

    Skip the? crap

  35. terryispro says:

    his dance? at the end was hilarious

  36. MrLongestnameever says:

    anyone know the instrumental for? this, i wanna download it

  37. Rayelth says:

    I hate Obama but if? he legitimately rapped that live then I would vote for him.

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