President Obama Pardons White House Turkey

February 24th, 2012

The President grants the traditional Thanksgiving pardon to Peace, this years Official White House Turkey in a ceremony on the North Portico of the White House. November 23, 2011.
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  1. stijnspoiler says:

    they forgot peace? lol

  2. megaman1339 says:

    @AnnAAngel1564 I Corinthians 14:33 For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.
    You are nothing but a false prophet, claiming to speak in the name of my God, but playing? into the hand of the one you claim to hate. A house divided against itself can not stand.

  3. ItsZackk says:

    @AnnAAngelo1564? HAHAHAHA you mad bro (or hoe?)

  4. ponder2006 says:

    @AnnAAngel1564 are you fucking kidding me, you worthless? dog shit?

  5. ponder2006 says:

    @AnnAAngel1564 You scum dog. Go fuck and die. You are waste? of life.

  6. AnnAAngel1564 says:

    @RonPaul4EverAndEver michele and her spawns? you mean.

  7. AnnAAngel1564 says:

    @ponder2006 And do not send me any more comments nor add me to your buddie list, as it will not? help you asshole

  8. AnnAAngel1564 says:

    @ponder2006 I will kill? you, be quite sure of this and you will see who the shit is.
    I am comming to get you mother fooker whore bag with aids.

  9. ponder2006 says:

    @AnnAAngel1564 Go fuck yourself you peace? of dog shit.

  10. ponder2006 says:

    The kids are totally? uncomfortable standing there.

  11. eastariel says:

    Morning, Eeyore (that’s another pet name I have for you, Mr. Sparkle),
    I have 3 parakeets named Gomer Pyle,? Benny, and Eeyore. I named Eeyore after you. Gomer Pyle reminds me of me.
    We also have 4 cats who think they’re cougars.
    Last night, the cats pried the door of the flight cage open, and Eeyore got out. All 4 cats went flying and leaping at that bird; Harry Potter (one of the cats) got his claws on him a few times.

  12. eastariel says:

    I chased down the cats and got them outside before they ripped Eeyore into confetti and left his severed head at my feet as a trophy. (My cats do that sometimes.)
    I finally caught Eeyore, and he gouged a hole in my hand with his beak, that little scaredy-keet! I put him in his cage, and I? just want you to know that your namesake is safe and sound for the moment. I told him I’d try to make sure his cage door stayed closed.

  13. MrChatItOut says:

    this a great video, i? found this one on chatitout (.com) website

  14. CapitanoGUC says:

    next time al quaida will install a bomb? in one of the turkeys ….:-D

  15. coloradogal100 says:

    i love the? part when he blesses the turkey

  16. 411American says:

    Kanya presidents can pardon them? self ??

  17. 411American says:

    I didn’t know? a president pardon him self !!!!

  18. RapsAlive says:

    Support? Ron Paul.

    Google “Political positions of Ron Paul” And look at the Wiki links or ThePoliticalGuide

    Less government spending, less taxation to American Citizens, a budget plan that works.

    this man has? been fighting for your? personal freedom and separation of congress from big business for years.

    a man who stands against the war on drugs, the foreign wars,? and corporate bail outs.

    Vote for liberty this year. Vote for real change.

    Vote up and spread the message!

  19. MyPilot747 says:

    well ill let u slide? if u dont reply ro ever talk to me again

  20. MyPilot747 says:

    Sir and im the one who needs to be respectful? Your the one being rude and? threatening me. Im going to report you for Threats of murder.

  21. AnnAAngel1564 says:

    @MyPilot747 I? will decide what is leagal or not nigers are monkies.
    michele obama is a host for satan, and his name is not obama, he is good just like me, Get IT? Respect is something you and they dont know, and dont tell me whom i should respect, understand? Why do you change your id? Afraid?
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  22. AnnAAngel1564 says:

    @juancacd him=the hyjacker of 9/11?

  23. MyPilot747 says:

    u better be more respectful even though you dont like them and the n word is illegal obama is not a bad person or follows satan. you the one being evil here.?

  24. AnnAAngel1564 says:

    @heelylover117? In time you will see what God has appointed me to do and you will know it is you whom are nothing and you know this already.
    I will kill you from a distance, you and you thrash breed called evolution.

  25. AnnAAngel1564 says:

    @heelylover117 Shut your dumb monkey mouth,niger. God holds all power. satans host is finished this is obama, michele. and its work did not amount to much= zero.
    The goverment fear me just as you do, they have no power, it is there ilision.? Power is a comment that can shake the whitehouse and there regime.
    I am absolutly someone you will never forget and your money wont save you. Your already dieing as God will send you and your goverment back to hell.

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