President Obama Speaks on Deficit Negotiations

December 23rd, 2011

President Obama speaks to the press about negotiations on cutting the deficit and raising the debt ceiling and reminds the Congress that the time has come when a deal must be reached. July 22, 2011.

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  1. sainegve says:

    Ron Paul is the only candidate who predicted and warned against the economic crisis, who understood and explained the? reasons for it, and who offers a viable solution.
    Ron Paul is the only candidate who really means it when he says? he wants to bring our troops home and scale down our unsustainable and unreasonable empire.
    Ron Paul is the only candidate who is serious about slashing spending and eliminating taxes.
    Vote RON PAUL 2012!

  2. kevindadarter says:

    The deficit was $6 trillion in 2003 and growing with a Republican led Congress. Where were the deficit hawks? If one dime of deficit is so bad where was the uproar then? ?

  3. 691je says:

    Debt ceilings are there for a reason, they are to limit the ever-expanding role of government growth and loss of civil liberties.
    Q: Where did the money come from to raise the debt ceiling? It’s not enough to blame Bush. A: the federal reserve who is bankrupting our country by making prices go higher and our money? worth less. Sorry people time to wake up!

  4. VoteRonPaul12 says:

    ???Black THIS Out Moneybomb – October 19th – blackthisout? [DOT] com???

    Help Ron Paul and send a message to the mainstream media at the same time. Censorship? is not OK!

    blackthisout [DOT] com

  5. erockula says:

    Whats funny is that the people that support the republicans have lost their jobs by the hand of a GOP governor cutting funds to teachers, officers, firemen. And they are so clueless, they still blame obama. Republicans have cut jobs by the tens of thousands on purpose to blame obama for? a bad economy. How anyone can support ruining the lives of so many ppl just to see the black man fail is just sad. You are a sad person. Give up your job to these ppl if you hate obama so much. Time to grow up

  6. erockula says:

    Republicans =? Grandma Haters.

    What make you wanna steal from a poor old womans purse tsk tsk tsk

  7. sutircomed says:

    Tea Party downgrade?

  8. anthrax1991 says:

    @websuspect? Life continues to get worse for this country. The whole government knows it and they don’t care. No more respect for human beings or even their OWN citizens.

  9. paulstrong123 says:

    President Barack Obama is now the undisputed “Worst President in U.S. History.”

    He can place this award on his mantle next to the Nobel Peace Prize. 🙁
    As President,? it is clear that Barack Obama is dangerously in over his head for he has no executive experience, no business experience, and no real world experience. As a Chicago community organizer, he has been thrust into the most important position in the world without the necessary skills to handle this crisis.

    SOMEONE ELSE 2012! 🙂

  10. websuspect says:

    @anthrax1991 Its kind of hard to come up with a plan when the CIA? has got you reading a teleprompter to snort coke and smoke crack,

  11. Zafuzz says:

    Come? to our channel to see Obama’s racist speech!!!

  12. diballynibally says:

    Ron Paul for president He wants to End the wars bring our troops home, and focus on helping the average Americans. He also? wants to legalize marijuana and hemp!

  13. sutircomed says:

    9/11 occurred on Bush’s watch; Obama ordered the death of the perpetrator. The Great Recession occurred on Bush’s watch; it ended in June of 2009 under Obama. Bush ordered the costly invasion of Iraq under false pretenses; Obama withdrew 100,000 combat troops from this mistake. Bush vetoed an extension of healthcare to children; Obama extended health insurance? to 30 million Americans.

    Obama 2012

  14. anthrax1991 says:

    This guy is brainless. People need food, shelter and more important things. This might not apply to this video but — he wants to charge 400 million for the exterior / interior change of schools and job training for jobs that don’t exist. Pathetic monkeys. No wonder other countries are doing better. We waste money on shit? we don’t need.

  15. eastariel says:

    If he earns his Nobel Peace Prize, he’ll have no problem getting reelected so he can continue with his plans of fixing the? economy and etc.

  16. 1dtbimp says:

    If your fed? up with the FED, come to my channel. You’ll learn everything you need to know there!

  17. 1dtbimp says:

    Ron Paul CAN FIX the economy for years to come. You can read about it on my page. I had no idea until I read this. I’m a college student and usually I mind my own business with this stuff, but just trust me you? gatta read this. I only discovered this letter yesterday, and I became so moved, I decided I had to do something. So please come visit my page; read all about it and learn what YOU can do!

  18. juicejon1 says:

    RON PAUL 2012!?

  19. genxr65 says:

    When Obama says “increasing revenues” that is code for tax. Also, when he talks billions that sounds like a great deal of money, but remember that? trillions to billions is like millions to thousands. What if someone told you, “I make 50k a year, but I now owe 10 million dollars and creditors are harrassing me. I have been spending a million a year average, but don’t worry, I have a plan. I’ll cut out 200k in spending each year”. You’d call them crazy. Same idea going on here.

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