President Obama Speaks to Environmental Protection Agency Staff

March 13th, 2012

President Obama thanks the staff of the Environmental Protection Agency for the work they do, which touches on the lives of every American, from the food we eat, to the water we drink, to the air we breathe. January 10, 2012.
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Bill Simmons and Barack Obama talk about being on the Linsanity bandwagon early and the Bulls chances of winning the NBA championship on The BS Report podcast.
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  1. 57yearcrucifixion says:

    CRIMES: Count 1 – Invasion of Privacy.? Which caused Count 2 – CONTINUOUS-CROWN-OF-THORNS since 2/16/1994. 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, 365-days-a-year, for-over-18-continuous-years. Saturday, March 3, 2012 (Eternal Death), 1:15 PM (Earth-Eastern Standard Time)

  2. Sabu71495 says:

    “I do not buy the notion? that we have to make a choice between having clean air and clean water and growing this economy in a robust way.”

    We are greater together. Obama 2012

  3. DotRed1081 says:

    communist dont? have to explain apparently

  4. DotRed1081 says:

    the epa has? no ones back 2:27

  5. DotRed1081 says:

    everyone watch the video illegal everything u will see how bad the epa? is

  6. arkivx1 says:

    Obama is a racist, and a communist, 50% of people pay 0 TAXES and he wants to take more? from the people producing to give to the freeloaders. Imagine if we had White for Ron Paul, or Whites for Santorum…

  7. tailspin37 says:

    Doesn’t she know that? her special guest is not very special? He is a fraud, and one of the biggest liars in the Country. Hey special guest, when are you going to follow the US Constitution, you know, the one you took an oath to protect and defend?

  8. jeremykelley78 says:

    How do we balance EPA regulations and Industry? If we are to tough we lose jobs and if we are? not tough enough we lose the environment. Environmental Training epaalliance(.)com

  9. acidmillionaires says:

    Yes but Why did he pass the NDAA and the way it was done. New Year eve?
    NDAA? violates the “equal protection” clause of the 14th Amendment, which guarantees that all people be treated the same under the law. Therefore, any way you slice it, this law is unconstitutional. As President you are to protect the Constitution? Please explain??

  10. MrChatItOut says:

    this a great video, i found this one? on chatitout (.com) website

  11. zaurakdigis says:

    BTW, it was us moaning about environmental policy that? led to the EPA.

  12. zaurakdigis says:

    Obama has only been slightly better than Bush on the environment. It was good he nixed Keystone Pipeline, but come on it was a? no brainer that took way to long to decide. Fracking, strip minning etc with little increase in renewable energy. The fuel standards where something the market is demanding, the auto industry was behind in fuel economy and it cost them. Nothing has been done to conserve energy, he talks the talk bit does not walk the walk. Alas, a republican will be much worse.

  13. eliasmouawad says:

    How the republican criminals are? destroying the earth
    Search For the series

  14. Dgunnaz says:

    11. Saved auto industry and 1.5 million jobs.. check 12.Assisted in ousting Khaddafi…check 13. Only active President to receive Nobel Peace prize while in office… check 14. Mortgage modification to prevent? home owners from losing their home… check 15. STILL fighting for middle class families…. check 16. Reformed Affordable Healthcare…. check

    Despite what the GOP would have you believe, the President has been doing these things and more by himself.

    Obama 2012

    Re-post to support!!!

  15. Dgunnaz says:

    PRESIDENT OBAMA: 1. Got Osama bin laden…check 2. Unemployment rate 8.5%…check 3. 1.6 million jobs created with no GOP help…check 4. 22 months of job and? economic growth with no help…check 5. Ended war in Iraq …check 6. DADT repeal…check 7. Not one tax hike in 3 years….check 8. Brought out of racism in the GOP…check 9. Still carry 80% of the black vote…check 10.Same wife for 15 ye…ars wi………th no extra marital affairs…check

  16. xGoliathOnlinex says:


  17. 234Ashly says:

    Obama is well spoken . One thing USA needs to do is stop blaming obama I believe he is/ was the start of something? new

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  19. ShyRobot says:

    @TacticusPrime Thank you, IgnorantSubjectiveAmericanSheep311232000, because I’d rather be a PaulDrone than an ObamaSheep or a GOPSheep.

    Why? wouldn’t you want America to be saved?

  20. TacticusPrime says:

    @ShyRobot Sure? PaulDrone220019283, sure. Save America.

  21. allinonethegreat says:

    That’s a muthafuckin basketball fan right there? lol.

  22. EmptyMindlessSpectre says:

    need someone else to blame??

  23. YouseTheForce says:

    See? if obama didnt win we wouldnt have basketball interviews with presidents. We’d have interviews about killing animals, vietnam torture, and whatever? clinton does.

  24. Galactic123 says:

    Weird lighting makes? it look like Bill and Barack aren’t even in the same room…

  25. TheConcernedSum7 says:

    vote obama?

  26. mueygringo says:

    @niterainbow47 Of course you would. You are everything that would be expected from the left.?

  27. niterainbow47 says:

    @LeePThao Obama for president? for next 12 years.

  28. niterainbow47 says:

    @mueygringo I’d love to? be raped by Obama- I would consider it an honour.

  29. pixelbossmedia says:

    who could be the next Jeremy Lin? check out? my page for my hunt for the next “Linsation”

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