President Obama’s Address On Raising The Debt Ceiling – 07/25/11

November 3rd, 2011

President Obama’s Address On Raising The Debt Ceiling – 07/25/11
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  1. Axon36 says:


    As I said…who the fuck gives a shit about France?. Ohh, I get it, just the fucking hypocrites like me, far more interested in the economic reality that in paranoid social experiments already prove as monumental failures

  2. Lioyd1rving says:

    @Axon36 Anyone who isn’t a fucking hypocrite. I.E. not you. Unless I’ve been unknowingly living in front of an invisible telescreen for my entire life, France alone is proof that all that bullshit about the EEEEEVIL SOCIALISM is just that. Bovine excrement.

  3. MrsMaryBoyle says:

    @paulstrong123 I agree that he is the worst president but I still feel the primary issue is his FORGED birth certificate because he has undermined and disgraced our constitution-

  4. wildetaube says:

    he Great Annointed One turns out to be a bigger clown than Jimmy Carter, The Worthless One…

  5. 504Anon says:

    @megarational Who cares what you think?

  6. rehsa2194 says:

    @ronaldblair2 From reading, I don’t think the bill will be that much in debt, it will be a minus of 447 billion, but a tax increase on those with salaries over 1 million, that will balance things out. The balance will come in the form of tax cuts to everyone under 1million or all employeers who hire workers, increase salary of their workers, and tax cuts to the payroll taxes for employeers. I wasn’t for the bill at all until I actually took out time to read some.

  7. ronaldblair2 says:

    another half trillion in borrpwed debt- I believe in TAXING the rich but Obama is incompetent to cause beneficial change- before he took office he said”I AM NOT QUALIFIED” but his rich banker friends talked him into it and hid ALL of his criminal past-

  8. rehsa2194 says:

    @RonaldBlair Please Please look at the proposed american jobs act that im reading right now. Im not a democrat or republican, but if you are a business owner, you might like this bill. Its mainly a bunch of tax cuts and incentives just for expanding your business and hiring people. Im not trying to be propaganda, im just sending you facts on the bill, and you can decide for yourself. Just google the bill and look at it under white It really is just a tax cut bill for business.

  9. RonaldBlair says:

    @RonaldBlair did Obama mention anything about his FORGED birth certificate- or multiple SSN’s he used in real estate SCAMs or the “BARACK OBAMA” school he built in Kenya at taxpayer expense- U can raise the taxes on many rich and it wont pay for the excessive spending that Barry is doing- BUT BARRY is a GOOD CON MAN- who surrounds himself with people who tell him he’s doing a good job- and that all his problems are bushes fault- where is Pelosi’s outrage that she showered on Bush?

  10. RonaldBlair says:

    The problem with LIBERALS is that you run out of other peoples money to spend- I did NOT vote for bush but U can’t blame him for the terrible job Obama has done- – THE MOST SECRETIVE of ALL presidents- EVERY part of his past has been hidden- he even surrendered his law license to avoid investigation- OBAMA IS THE BIGGEST FRAUD OF ALL TIME-

  11. megarational says:

    @rehsa2194 You are right. The problem is that those same powerful corporations not only buy the politicians and buy elections, they also buy media (Fox News in particular) to ensure a misinformed electorate.

  12. megarational says:

    @504Anon Got news for you idiot. You are not “we the people”. You are one of the nut-ball fringe bagger types.

    The day that some uninformed goof like you is typical of “we the people” of America is the day I send a cash donation to Al Queda.

  13. julianort1 says:

    Go, Mr. President!!!!!

  14. RonaldBlair says:

    Obama is the biggest FRAUD of ALL TIME who as Donald Trump says pulled “THE SCAM of the CENTURY”- a CON-MAN who has deceived America- with a lot of super rich people helping him- not only did they cover his CRIMINAL past and FORGED birth certificate but they R still covering-up – The powerful rich have complete control over the news-media which refuse to print the TRUTH- His past has been completely hidden at the cost of millions- He never misses an opportunity? to be seen on TV & CON America–

  15. inbyhisgrace says:

    go play your guitar then!…i’d suggest reading a book you idiot!

  16. guitar7901 says:

    We need Republican presidents, Rep. are for big businesses rather than individual people. rep. will give businesses a tax break allowing them to hire more people, making our unemployment rate rapidly drop.

  17. guitar7901 says:

    Obama gave 16.4 billions dollars of YOUR tax money to Pakistan. How do you like our so called president now?

  18. 504Anon says:

    The NWO has proved their point. They can put a muslim in the white house, blow up our buildings and put a mosque at ground zero, steal our civil liberties and “We the People” will do nothing about it.

    That’s right, I’ll say it again: “We the People” are to scared to stand up for their rights. Me the people thinks you are a pathetic excuse for humanity.

  19. shugar5263 says:

    Obama, is not a bad person he, was chosen and this is part of a show planted by a handful of men. He, was used now they are dispose it.
    Don’t be hateful please think Peace because we need it now.
    Media has manipulated the masses and planted a Seed of hate and racism is time to reflect and rethink our actions.

  20. birdiemom11 says:

    OK, fools – remember HOW WE GOT HERE. Clinton ended his Presidency with a large budget surplus and lowered the debt by billions. Bush spent the surplus, started wars, raised the debt limit 9 times, lowered taxes and NEARLY DOUBLED THE NAT’L DEBT. Bush was terrible for the economy. And the idiot Republicans have corrupted the system by refusing to compromise. The TEA PARTY people are fools.

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