President Obama’s Bilateral Meeting with Prime Minister Harper of Canada

February 3rd, 2012

President Obama holds a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada at the White House. December 7, 2011.
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  1. patarfuyfuy says:

    two? terrorists up on stage!

  2. MrChatItOut says:

    this a great video,? i found this one on chatitout (.com) website

  3. 1988scottcarey says:

    We’ll Give you? Harper for Obama lol

  4. 1988scottcarey says:

    @UltraredM Believe me, we feel? the same..

  5. eric8542011 says:

    Americans and? Canadians should always have a strong friendship.

  6. DarthSchwartz says:

    @Freethinker12341 stfu? no he hasn’t.

  7. UltraredM says:

    I highly suggest any and all Canadians stop seeing the USA as an intimidating behemoth and rather as “Big Brother”. I know for a fact that Canadians are among the least discriminated nationalities within the United States, and I also know for a fact that (partly thanks to NATO) that any security breach within Canada will be swiftly responded to by the USA.?

  8. metaphysicalsource says:

    Harper has definitely hammered the last nail into the coffin of Canada. This is a brutal attack on Canadian sovereignty. It also destroys the fundamental values of freedom and brings in the FDA into Canada. We are losing our rights and giving power to the North? American Union/Globalists. These gentlemen have sold out the human race for the central bankers and Bildaberg. They are already turning away “Nexus” card carriers at the border. Remember ‘free trade’, that was a joke also. What a joke!

  9. raceystacey32566 says:

    @SpoonHysteria I didn’t know but at least you are aware-I knew? something was wrong in America. Once I found the courage to seek out the truth, then I had to accept it. I continue to struggle with the reality. All people must unite as one. “They” want us (American’s) to destroy each other – less of us for them to kill. I believe one person can make a difference. My mission is to wake up other sleeping American’s. It’s not easy and time is running out but I still have faith. Peace out.

  10. SpoonHysteria says:

    @raceystacey32566 That kind of already started 6 years ago when Harper was first elected :P?

  11. joanarc1111 says:

    Please watch my story “TIFFANY LEBOUEF SEEKS JUSTICE” They hid my only evidence and lied about it then they made me “TAKE THE DEAL” or go to Prison for 9 + yrs. This is crazy shit. They have given me 2 strikes and one more brush with the law of any? kind will send me to “PRISON FOR LIFE”….. HELP? MEEEEEEEE

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