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March 1st, 2012

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16 Responses

  1. ryno7437 says:

    Congrats im stoked for u. Im still subbed to the old ottawagh0st channels haha?

  2. rockfan2345 says:

    omg i wish my? raido wasnt broke id love to hear this driving šŸ™‚

  3. Smiejac says:

    but hey olay? olay olay its fun to be a calgary flame today haha

  4. OttawaGh0st4 says:

    @LarsHarryBalz Hey? whats up BALZ…miss you’re Liberal rippin satire! lol..

  5. OttawaGh0st4 says:

    @rampmonkeyyyj Yeah the NO? swearing policy is a tough one..

  6. OttawaGh0st4 says:

    @KGibson1993 See what I can? do..

  7. rampmonkeyyyj says:

    @OttawaGh0st4 Happy for you, you deserve it! Hopefully this is only the? beginning! If only you could swear on the radio…

  8. KGibson1993 says:

    can u do one on the interview with ovechkin? skipping the all star game

  9. smashvillenashville says:

    Idk if ill b able 2 listen this? Friday with my exam.. šŸ™

  10. ForeseeU says:

    Good stuff! Congrats. I’ll try and remember to listen. ?

  11. ilylac says:


  12. Ctveezy says:

    Will? you upload the shows to youtube afterwords?

  13. fenderboy34 says:

    congrats ghost, u? da best

  14. OttawaGh0st4 says:

    Hey folks.. just a couple? of clips? from my premier on “Inside the NHL” on Q105.7 FM Every Friday with Ashley Bee at 5:00PM Mountain 7:00PM Eastern. Be kind and give Q105.7FM a big shout out for me!. For those who have followed me for a while this is a milestone for me. My one minute of fame? once a week. Maybe more to come down the road. But it’s a start. A big Thanks again to folks at Q105.7 and especially Ashley Bee for the opportunity

  15. Toronto2245 says:

    your awesome bro?

  16. binni0z says:

    the? naughty 90’ss

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